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3 Large Lakes in Commerce Michigan

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 January 2019 10:38

Many lake home buyers want a bigger lake.  They want a bigger all sports lake in Commerce Township.  Here are the five biggest all sports lakes in the township.  Two of them are only partially in the township.  Actually the 2 lakes (Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake) are barely in Commerce.  The lakes just have a small corner in the township.  If I had to pick out one lake as the most prestigious or most desirable I would say it is Union Lake.  There are many elegant luxury homes on the lake and even the small cottages are getting a very high price per square foot.

Boating on Union Lake

Union Lake  Union Lake is a public all sports lake that is about 455 acres in size.  The lake lies south of Cooley Lake Rd and east of Union Lake Road in the northeast corner of Commerce and northwest corner of West Bloomfield.   Union Lake in Oakland County is going to be a busy lake on the weekends and especially on holidays.  The public boat launch is managed by the DNR and requires a fee to launch a boat unless you have a yearly pass.  The lake has no islands but it does have a big peninsula on the west side of the lake.  I would call it more of a round lake.  There is a sand bar out in the middle of the lake that many people hang out on.   I would call it Union Lake's social club.  Another added benefit of the lake is there is nice restaurant called Matter of Taste.  It is not your normal pizza or bar food type of place.  I would call it fine dining.      

One Swan a swimming on Commerce Lake in Oakland County






















Commerce Lake   Commerce Lake is actually two lakes one in North Commerce Lake and the other is South Commerce Lake.  Depending on who you talk to the lake is either 235 acres or 293 acres.  It is a good size private all sports lake.  Only the lake residents can put a boat on the lake and there is no DNR Launch.  Commerce Lake is desirable to many Oakland County Lake home buyers because it is relatively close to the highways.  If you don't know about the lakes area in Oakland County rush hour can be trying.  Many of the roads around the lakes are only two lane and curve around the lakes.  So at 5 o'clock it can be very busy.  It can add an half an hour to your commute if you pick a lake in mid to north Oakland County.  

Many lake homes have been remodeled over the years, or are being remodeled.  You will still find small cottages on the lake, but you will also find bigger homes on the lake.  There are some homes on the lake that are valued at over a million dollars.  So when searching for a lake home you will find all types.

Middle Straits Lake West Bloomfield

Middle Straits Lake   Homes on Middle Straits Lake are not too far from Haggerty Road and M-5 so commuting to I-96 is easier.  I would say the average home on the lake ranges from 2000 to about 3000 square feet in size.  Of course there are smaller one and bigger ones too.  Middle Straits Lake is a public all sports lake that is about 172 acres in size.  The public launch is a West Bloomfield Township launch.  The launch is separated from the parking area so it makes it a little tougher to launch and park.  Plus you are competing for parking spots with the people using the park and the beach.  So I don't think there is a large number of boats being put on the lake.  However like most lakes in South Eastern Michigan the lake will be busier on the weekends and on holidays. 

Remember both Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake only have a small part of the lakes in Commerce.  Over 90% of the lakes are in West Bloomfield.  All three of these large lakes have a wide range of homes on them.  From small cottage like homes and to large elegant luxury lake estate style homes.  These big luxury lake homes have all been custom built to the owners specifications. 

For more information about Union Lake and other local lakes go to   


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