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Interior design tips to compliment white wooden plantation shutters

Written by Posted On Saturday, 12 January 2019 11:25

Thinking about changing up your home decor? Already decided that you love the idea of wooden shutters? If you have, and you want to make sure that your home looks beautiful, then you may want to find the perfect interior design theme to match those plantation shutters.

To help, we have put together our guide on which interior designs will be sure to match and complement this style of window covering.


White wooden or plantation shutters are a great addition to a room that has a distinctly monochrome theme. Black and white may sound like an odd combination, but despite the lack of colour, it really does work well. You can mix up different pieces of black or white furniture around the room and then choose white flooring in order to compliment the white wood on your window shutters. Failing that, if you are not sure that you want or need to install new flooring, then you can always add a white or black rug to your existing floor.

Soft pastel shades

Another interior design colour scheme that plantation shutters are going to work perfectly with are soft pastel shades. These gentle colours won’t overpower the room and will actually work with the white. When it comes to adding pastel colours to a room, the trick is to not go over the top with different shades, to avoid a Neapolitan ice cream look which, as delicious as it sounds, isn’t the most stylish choice!

Bold and bright spaces

Of course, not everyone likes the idea of having a muted or neutral styled room. Some people are just as keen on having bold and bright colours instead. If you have curtains then it can be hard to match, white wooden shutters can help. You can opt for bold and bright colours on the walls or perhaps in the furnishings that you have, however, the plantation shutters will not take away from the eye-catching nature of the rest of the space.

Warming greys

Neutral shades are of course popular in modern homes. However, they can sometimes feel a little clinical. A great alternative is to opt for warm grey shades in the place of whites. Greys not only add a subtle splash of colour, but they are not too in your face. Mix these colours with varying textured materials to add extra style to your décor. Then you’ll be sure to find the perfect match that compliments your shutters.

With so many great designs to choose from, it really makes sense to pick white wooden shutters for your home. Whether it is to give you privacy, to block out the light, or ensure that your home looks stylish, plantation shutters are a great choice, particularly when you know which themes will match perfectly with your personal style.

For alternative style wooden shutters, explore The New England Shutter solid wooden shutter range in the link provided. 

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