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How to Properly Recycle a Broken Tablet?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 23 January 2019 22:15
  • It’s only been two decades since these smart electronic gadgets were launched, but it seems as if smartphones and tablets have been with us forever. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and it is no longer a big deal to recycle tablet.

Technology has not only advanced in smartphones and tablets, but also for ways on how to recycle broken tablet and electronic gadgets. Some of the important recycling broken tablet tips need to be followed in order to minimize any risks in the future.

Don’t underestimate old technology

You can now sell the used broken tablets on SellTheMobile because you wouldn’t dream of going back to your old tablet once you get a new one. It’s useless to chuck your old tablet in the drawer just to never look at it again. The latest technology is definitely going to be outclassed, but it doesn’t mean that the old one you were using earlier is useless now.

Despite outdated specifications and cracked appearance, there is so much good that a broken tablet can still do. An old tablet can be easily be used in various ways to recycle a broken tablet, only if you know how to recycle a broken tablet. Do not waste the potential of a broken tablet; they don’t have to end up in a dark drawer.

Following are some things that should be kept in mind while recycling broken tablet:

Clean it properly to recycle tablet

Think of the personal or work-related data that you have on your tablets such as photos, passwords, contacts or music before opting for the right way to recycle broken tablet. All personal information and data must be erased from your current device before someone misuses it when you recycle or discard it. Even if the data is not sensitive or personal, it is not safe to let your device slip away from you as it is.

Backup your data and then delete

Wait before you erase all data! If you have bought a new tablet and want to recycle the old one, then don’t rush into erasing data from the old one; instead safely wipe it and save your files on the new device so that you can access them later. Once done, then click on to the factory data reset button and erase the contents from your tablet so that it can’t be accessed later by anyone.

We save a lot of things on our data, and while we may think of that data as harmless and non-personal, still there are many things that can get us into trouble in case of any unpredictable situation. You need to protect your identity by deleting the data on the old device before you find out how to recycle a broken tablet.

Sanitizing before recycling

Sanitizing is a must to prevent the data from discovering. There are tools available for extracting data if someone decides to misuse information. No matter how much you try to protect the device, it can get into wrong hands and they can extract viable information. With the three methods of data sanitation: wiping, destruction and degaussing, you can eliminate the chances of data recovery from a device even with a laboratory attack.

Before trading your mobile phone or tablet, run a proper test to ensure that the wipe was successful by accessing media in your device. In case if data wiping was not successful, it still leaves the device open for some criminal minds by using specialized methodologies for data abstraction.

Make safe disposal in any condition

Electronic retailers also offer to recycle tablet; if the device is broken or too old, you can make safe disposal instead of tossing it into a landfill. SellTheMobile lets you recycle broken tablet by giving the product description online without worrying that your device will not be accepted.

Cancel all the necessary subscriptions

You might have a mobile data service linked to your tablet and have different subscribed memberships. You obviously don’t want to pay the monthly fee for something that you aren’t using anymore. Do make sure that you cancel all subscriptions or services that you don’t want to use, before recycling the broken tablet and not even on your new device. Make sure that all the data is properly erased so that your device is safe from any kind of unauthorized access after recycling.

Trade it for cash or gift cards

Another useful recycle broken tablet tip is to trade it for cash so that its parts can be used for a good cause or you could get gift cards. Old tablets, no matter they are complete junk, broken or still in good shape - you should never throw them in a trash can because throwing away a broken device because it is equal to throwing away money. Another benefit of recycling the broken tablet is that this option doesn’t hurt the environment when they end up in a landfill. This is one of the easiest yet useful ways if you are wondering how to recycle the broken tablet. 

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