Top Real Estate Articles for January 2019

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Top Real Estate Articles for January 2019 Top Real Estate Articles for January 2019

There has been some incredible real estate related content which has been shared throughout this month. Top Real Estate bloggers across the country continue to write articles which provide knowledge for consumers when navigating through a real estate transaction. Check out the summaries of some of the best real estate related content for the month of January 2019.  

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

An integral part of the home buying process is having a home inspection. A home inspection provides valuable information about a home for a buyer and a seller as it will identify items which need to be addressed. Bill Gassett has written a very detailed article for buyers and sellers in how to prepare for a home inspection. 

There is information on how to pick a home inspector and ensure that they are bonded and insured. Additionally, there is information about what questions to ask a home inspector and items to negotiate after a home inspection. This is an excellent resource for buyers and sellers about home inspections.

Prepare for an Appraisal

Joe Boylan as provided an excellent article about how to prepare for an appraisal. You will find information about what an appraisal is and how to prepare for it! An appraisal is an important part of the lending process, and the lender wants to ensure that the property is valued at the purchase price. The cost of appraisals is a buyer expense.

There is information about what the appraiser looks at when they come to the house. It is important to remember to have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the home as well. This is a great resource if you are having an appraisal done.

What Should First Time Home Buyers Know?

It is a very exciting time for first time home buyers and there are many considerations when purchasing your first home. Kevin Vitali has written a great post about what should be considered when you are a first time home buyer. One of the most important items is to consider your credit especially if you are obtaining a mortgage on your first home.

Other considerations are that buying a home is a commitment and it is also important to have financial reserves in the event of emergencies. Working with a professional Realtor is important as they will help guide you through the process in your first good investment.

Tips for Saving for an Emergency Fund

Paul Sian has written an excellent article about how to save for an emergency fund. Initially, when saving, you should start small and deposit even a small amount into an account to get into the habit of saving money. Other important considerations are to consider your spending habits and where are you spending your money. If you visit a coffee house three times a week and a coffee drink is $5, that can add up to $60 per month!

It important to have money saved and put away for an emergency as we all know life happens, and it is best to be prepared and avoid going into debt!

How to Save $40,000 for a Downpayment?

Have you had the dream of home ownership and you just don't think you can qualify? If that is the case check out Bob Gordon's article about how to save for a downpayment! He talks about the importance of discussing your plans with a trusted Realtor® and a mortgage professional. Perhaps you think your credit is too low to qualify, however, it can be sufficient for certain loan programs. You may also have someone in your life who will cosign the loan so you are able to fulfill your dream of home ownership! This is another great resource about saving!

What are HOA Violations and Can they Blow Up a Home Sale?

Considering purchasing a home in a gated community, then it will most likely have a homeowner's association. Michelle Gibson has written an excellent post about what are HOA Violations and how they can impede a home sale. HOA's do have rules and regulations which have to be complied with. Depending upon the by-laws, they can provide a violation that you may not even be aware of. Common HOA Violations may be due to a crooked mailbox or a home in need of paint.

Some violations can also turn into liens on the property, and there are generally attorney's fees with those as well. Great article about HOA violations!

Items Never to be Left out at an Open House

Considering selling your home and you and your Realtor will have to decide if open houses are in the marketing plan or not! Should you decide to have an open house then there are items that should NEVER be left out written over at Newport Beach Real Estate Cafe. Any heirlooms, jewelry, money or anything that can easily be put into a pocket or a purse. Keep in mind that prescription drugs should be put away!

When you are having an open house, you are inviting the public into your home and they may not all be qualified buyers! Some may be coming to steal what they can, or case the property to come back for later!

How Can I Sell My Home When . . . . 

There are many factors to take into account when selling your home. Lynn Pineda has written an informative article about how different scenarios arise when selling a home. Have you over improved your home for the area, if that is the case you may not get back dollar for dollar on the improvements that you made?  Other factors which impact value include the location and does it back up to a busy street, then the price will need to be set accordingly. Important considerations also include is if the home has deferred maintenance, it is recommended to address the deferred maintenance if possible.

Remove pets from the house when selling, and ideally it is best to have it look (and smell) like a pet has never even lived in the house. Great tips and suggestions from Lynn!

Home Ownership - the Key to Building Wealth

The American Dream, home ownership! Karen Holt Highland has written an excellent post about home ownership. You will find information about buying versus renting and factors to consider when purchasing a home such as stable employment, staying in the home for a minimum of five years, creditworthy and you have saved enough for a down payment. Home ownership is not for everyone, however, it is a way to build wealth over the years.

Closing Thoughts

These articles are featured for the month of January 2019 and there are a few about how to save money. If you are saving for a downpayment or something else, it is wise to get in the habit of saving money. No one wants to go into debt. And saving for a home and paying a mortgage will allow the homeowner to either sell for a profit and move up and or move down depending upon their life stage. I hope you enjoyed these articles!

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