7 Early Signs of a Bad Foundation

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7 Early Signs of a Bad Foundation

A house is a big investment and like all other big investments, you have to protect it. One way to do so is to look at possible problems with its foundation. This will help you to address the issues early before your entire investment goes down the drain. Considering that foundation problems can be because of factors like climate, soil, and drainage, it’s hard to foresee some issues during the construction. They’ll start showing up when you move into the building. So, you have to be vigilant.

Here are 7 signs that you should be aware of:

  1. Cracks on the Foundation Walls

One of the fastest ways to know that your foundation is developing a problem is identifying cracks on its wall. However, not all cracks are a bad sign. For example, shrinkage cracks happen when concrete cures itself during the initial stages of the construction, so this shouldn’t alarm you. What you should watch out for include:

  • One large crack and multiple small ones
  • Cracks that are broader at the top than the bottom

  1. Cracks on the Upper Walls

At times, you don’t have to read the sign on the foundation walls to know that it has a problem. Cracks on the upper walls, especially around the windows and doors, are also suggestive of a bad foundation. Of course, not all cracks on the upper walls are bad. Here are the types of cracks that you should consider fixing fast:

  • Drywall cracks around the doors and windows
  • Cracks that recur soon after repair
  • Nails or screws popping out

  1. Cracks on the Tiles

Though most tiles are made to withstand heat and physical pressure, they can crack. And sometimes it’s because of unsettled foundation.  A single crack shouldn’t worry you but if they are many and occur frequently, the foundation may be having a serious problem that needs fixing.

  1. A Sinking External

If the external of your building appears to be sinking, it may mean that your foundation has a serious problem. It often starts from one side as it stretches to the center and the other sides of the building. Such a problem is mostly because of uncompacted soil and poor drainage.

  1. Uneven Floor

If you notice the floor showing signs of sagging in the early stages, it’s an indicator that your foundation has a settlement issue. It could be because the floor joists are sagging or the crawlspace is shifting.

  1. Rotten Piers and Beams

If the wood for the piers and beams shows signs of rotting, it may mean that your foundation is affected by high humidity. It may also be because of attack by ants and mites. You need to repair it fast to save the entire building from collapsing.

  1. Sticky Windows or Doors

Lastly, if you are finding it difficult to open or close the windows or doors, it may because your foundation is sinking and this is making them lose their square shape.

Your house needs all the protection you can give it. Sometimes, all you have to do is to identify foundation issues that need repair. In most cases, it doesn’t go beyond the above signs. The moment you discover them, you should consider a professional such Milwaukee foundation repair contractor McCoy to help you fix them professionally.  

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