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Portland’s Best One Percent Realtors - Lowest Commissions Rates in Oregon

Written by Posted On Sunday, 03 February 2019 19:41

Do you live in Oregon and are you planning on selling your home in the Portland region? Then you have an option to save on real estate commissions that AVG 6-7% by using a one percent realtor.

Lucky for you there is a broker offering 1% listing agreements with all the benefits of a full service agent. And offering a trademarked “24/7 SELLING SYSTEM” with 30 Days of Activity to get your property SOLD. Click here to learn more!

If you are looking for the lowest commission Realtor you can find. Is that how you pick your other service providers and products? Cheapest is not always the best way to go.

Interview Agents from different brokers in your area and see what marketing services they have to offer for the commission they are charging. You can see a big difference sometimes between what is provided when selling your property, and this can make a difference in the selling price of your home.

I know FSBO is tempting, but have you asked yourself is it really a good move to make? The good thing is that there are way that allows you to save a lot selling your property using a 1 percent listing agent. And there are 1% Realtors that offer you the same benefits and service of typical commissioned agents.

Want a 1% Real Estate Agent to Contact You? Visit to schedule time to talk to a one percent realtor and find out how much you can save with lower real estate commissions.

Don't lose money using a 5-6% commission agent and real estate broker. They usually charge a high commission to list your house and most times do not provide any additional benefits more than a good 1%commission realtor will give you.

6% realtors will say anything to convince you to pay a the higher listing commission and try to tell you reasons to stay away from selling with a low commission realtor, but you’ll be wasting money and throwing away home equity.


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Boone Bergsma

I have always had a passion for real estate, my interest started in wholesaling and flipping houses. I went to Pierce College to Study Real Estate Development in 2008. I studied Real Estate Practices, Principles of Appraisal, Appraisal Procedures, Real Estate Law, and took and passed the Washington State Real Estate Realtor Exam. I now have a interest and passion for connecting low commission real estate agents and flat fee brokers with sellers that want to save thousands selling their property. I write about real estate commissions on if you are interested in learning more and connecting with 1% Realtor or Flat Fee Broker.

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