What Are The Benefits Of Bulletproof Offshore VPS Hosting Hosting?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 06 February 2019 03:08

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. A VPS server is a physical server, which is divided into smaller virtual servers. The advantage of a bulletproof offshore vps hosting is that it is easy to manage. With a Windows or Linux server it is possible, among other things, to keep and update your own software. You can also upload files very easily.


Cheap offshore vps server works cost-saving. This is because you only rent a small part of a server. It is therefore a very good choice if you want to save costs. You save on your expenses, but at the same time a VPS server offers you the same possibilities as an entire server.

Another great advantage of the bulletproof offshore vps hosting is that it offers you the possibility to run different websites on the same server separately from each other. Here are some benefits of vps hosting:

1. You do not need to maintain your own server yourself


Monitors, software updates, backups, reports, optimization. It all costs the seas of time, and time is money. When you choose a VPS you can be sure that an external expert performs all of this in a secure way for you. However, you have complete control over your websites, databases and e-mail addresses thanks to the use of your control panel. You can achieve this and start it when it suits you, for example to manage your applications. So you can still invest all your time in creative brainstorming sessions and the execution of your design! What, of course, you prefer to do, right?

2. Optimal privacy and security for yourself and your customers


With the introduction of the Act on the General Data Protection Regulation, it is important not to underestimate security. 'Hosting' can be defined as: storing information on request. In this case, web information or online data. So you entrust the information of your customers, as it were, to another organization. If you look at it this way, a choice to consciously consider. Choose cheap DMCA ignored offshore webhosting, so you can be sure that your server is clean and optimally secured.

3. Higher speed and up in the Google search results (better find ability)


Shared hosting can be compared to a hotel holiday. The experience is great, but you share pool with other guests. When another guest occupies the beds at the first grade, you take longer to get to the pool. The use and spam mails of other users can unconsciously affect your loading time and online findability. A great option for bloggers and starting websites with a limited number of visitors. However, as a web designer you want to offer your customers a private pool, situated in a prime location. For now and also when they grow! That is why VPS hosting is a great option.


4. You do customer loyalty

If you purchase VPS hosting, you and your customers have one permanent contact person. This saves you both a lot of time. Also, your customers do not have to move when visitor numbers rise, because you can easily scale up to a larger server, ideal right?

In short : with VPS hosting you ensure high performance and quality for your customers, you have freedom of choice in software and you do not share data and resources with other users. You also have a lot of storage space and data traffic, technical freedom and every application can be installed. And all this without you having to spend time on management.

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