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7 Roof Leak Diagnosis and Repair Tips

Written by Posted On Sunday, 10 February 2019 01:58

Rook leak is one of the most common roofing problems which need to be addressed instantly. However, if you fail in getting the leak diagnosed on time, the problem can become more severe and intense. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep yourself conscious and attentive towards your roofing issues.

Here are 7 tips mentioned for roof leak diagnosis and repair.


  • Water Dripping Through the Ceiling

You can make your ceiling go through water running test. If you notice any water dripping through the ceiling, it is obvious that your roof is leaking.

You need to fix this issue by determining the entry point of water. However, it is better to get your roof inspected by experts to get a permanent solution of avoiding any interior property damage.


  • Holes Around Vent Pipes

Vent pipes are the quite common cause of roof leak. The seals of vent pipes are exposed to sunlight and start shrinking after some time. It can cause cracks in your roof shingles by making entry points for water.

You can repair it by applying flexible sealants to fill the gaps between shingles and vent pipes. You can also replace old vent pipes with new ones for a better roof leak repair solution.


  • Damaged Chimneys

It is difficult to spot chimney as a leak source. You need to detect moisture around your chimney to prevent any damage or crack. If there are a lot of cracks already, ice or snow can seep inside the chimney easily.

You can repair it by a flexible sealant, new flashing or shingles, or chimney cricket to provide your chimney with a support.


  • Damaged or Missed Shingles

It may happen either because of the aging of your roof or extreme weather conditions. In both situations, you need to detect the damaged shingles as soon as possible to avoid having any roof leak.

You can fix the issue by removing the debris, replacing new shingles, or replacing your entire roof.


  • Clogged Gutters

Since gutters control the flow of water, they play a vital role in maintaining the structural longevity of your roof. If your gutters get clogged due to dust, debris, or granules, it may result in stagnant water, flooding, and roof leaks.

You need to repair it by removing debris from gutters. You can also install a gutter shield to prevent your gutters from getting clogged in future.


  • Loose Roof Nails

If roof nails get loosen due to heavy winds and storms, they start rusting and provoking the roof leaks.

You can fix the leaks by applying sealant inside holes. If you find any damaged shingles because of loose nails, you can get them replaced as well.


  • Skylight Deterioration

It happens when a lot of dust and debris get collected over the skylight. It can lead to roof leak and condensation problem.

You can fix these leaks by applying 100% silicone caulking to the window of the skylight. You can also eradicate the problem completely by getting a new skylight.

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