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How to Learn Kyle Dennis Biotech Catalyst Swing Trading Strategy

Written by Posted On Sunday, 10 February 2019 13:11

I am a member of a really great trading alerts service that is run by Kyle Dennis. Kyle is a multi-millionaire biotech stock trader who is famous for trading $15,000 into $4MM in just a few years. His stock trading strategy is exceptional. If you want to jump straight to how to learn Kyle Dennis Biotech Catalyst swing trading strategy be sure to check out that article.

Let me explain in very simple terms how Kyle Dennis makes his money trading stocks. The strategy sounds quite simple but it takes some practise and experience to profit from it consistently. Essentially Kyle finds companies that have upcoming announcements that have the potential to change the stock price dramatically. He calls these 'catalyst' events because they often ignite massive growth or price movement. He does his due diligence on the company and the likely hype around the upcoming annoucement well in advance of the due date.

Kyle then purchases the best stocks in biotechnology sector in anticipation of the catalyst event. The trick is he never ever holds through the event itself. This is because you can never tell what the stock price will actually do - maybe the news is not as good as it was predicted to be. Sometimes the news can be amazing yet the stock price still falls dramatically as people sell for profits. This is a well-known phenomenon called 'sell the news' where the good news is already priced in. Kyle realized that it is easier to ride the price increase as people buy in to the stock in anticipation of the news. He usually sells for 10% to 20% profits well before the event occurs.

Sure this sounds easy, but timing is everything and it takes a lot of hard work to find the most likely stocks that will follow this run-up pattern. It can take some knowledge of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry which Kyle has developed over the years. Kyle actually has a history in biology so he has a running start when it comes to understanding some of the new drugs coming out. Often the catalyst announcement involves some kind of drug approval or FDA decision on a companies product. One new drug that is approved can make a company billions of dollars. Obviously this is likely to positively affect the price of the companies stock.

Kyle's strategy has worked wonders for my trading. It requires patience and the ability to hold a stock for weeks or months to reap the benefit. His alerts services (Biotech Breakouts, The Nucleus, Black Optics and the Sniper Report) are excellent. Often I have been able to buy the stock at a better price than Kyle and sell it at a higher price as well! This is unusual for a stock picking service. I have subscribed to many different stock picking services over the years and Kyle's Biotech Breakout catalyst service is one of the absolute best.

Kyle learned from the RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap elite program. This program has helped many students become successful traders and Kyle is the poster child for it. Good luck if you are getting into biotech catalyst trading!


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