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Fun Facts worth Knowing Before Initiating the Tibet Travel

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If the world is one massive building, then Tibet occupies the roof of the construction. You may think that a country which reveres religion above everything else will harbour turmoil and chaos. However, to your surprise, it is a very calm and peaceful destination. Many online resources on Tibet Travel lie about the condition of the nation regarding the Chinese-Tibetan political situation and Dalai Lama issues. If you’re reading this topic, then you can delete the other info that you read before from your memory. Here you will learn about a few surprising facts about Tibet. Some of these actualities are still evading the attention of travellers.

Classy infrastructure

Many know Tibet to be one of the most isolated regions in the entire world. Naturally, you may believe that the outward appearance of this holy land will resemble one huge hamlet. As one ofthe autonomous region in China, Tibet experienced a drastic and dramatic development. Even the pathway that leads to Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world, isn’t a gravel road. Paved roads and streets cover Tibet entirely. You will notice numerous electricity lines crisscrossing across the arid regions on the trip from Tibet to Nepal. To China, Tibet is a heap of riches, full of gold and copper reserves.

Top of the world

To any individual who visits a mountainous tourist zone, it is the highest area in the world. Consider Bhutan, which is a country with a capital city above two thousand three hundred meters above sea level. The elevation of the nation earned it the nickname of being the Kingdom in the clouds. However, a fact that evades everyone is that Tibet is even higher than Bhutan. During the past half century, Tibet, the crown of being the highest region in the world went to a different location. Before that, Lhasa used to be the capital city that kissed the sky. Everything you witness at the Tibet Travel is at an unbelievable elevation, including the tallest mountain, the highest road, the highest monastery, the highest toilet, and much more.

Permits are the only way

Reaching Tibet is not troublesome, but you need a permission document for just about everything. It is essential that you sit down, take a deep breath, and plan your Tibet to Nepal itineraries carefully before hopping on a plane. There is an excellent travel agency, which is quite a renowned one too, that can help you in arranging for the permit. It will be wise to start applying for the document as early as possible because the final issue will take time to reach you. That permit will be your passport for the entire journey. Officials will check it and recheck it at times. Your guide will manage your permission document on your behalf and will register your name with the local police whenever you visit a location and plan to spend one night.

Everything yak

The high altitude of Tibet can make life difficult for you even if you’re spending just a few days there. So, you can imagine how harsh it is on the people who live there. Yaks are the lifeline for the Tibetans, and they rely on these animals for survival. You will surely get to taste yak meat, which is leaner and lighter than traditional beef. Yaks also yield milk and butter, both of which are delicious. People use rugs and clothes made of yak hair. They use that same hair to weave cover-ups for protecting the delicate carvings and paintings from the sun rays at the Potala Palace. Now that you have these facts under your sleeve, you will be able to enjoy your trip even more.

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