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Signs that a Flipped House is a Fail

Written by Posted On Monday, 11 February 2019 23:40
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If you are planning to buy a house which was flipped, then you need to be wary of the problems you may face. Flippers promise you that the house is all new and ready to go but you need to be cautious and dligent when it comes to inspecting the place, after all, it's you who plans on living there. When properties are flipped, for higher profit margins, the flippers would try to cut corners when it comes to fixing certain issues in the house.

We have listed the warning signs that the flipped house may have been a fail.

Inferior Interiors:

Interiors of a flipped house usually looks great as most of the mechanical installments you can’t see with your bare eyes are behind the walls but what appears new on the surface may not be so behind these remodeled walls.  But let’s talk about what you can see first.

We have seen flipped houses where cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms are poorly manufactured and installed. Do not get distracted by the outside bling but dig through and look underneath and inside all the cabinets, doors, closets, and anywhere you can physically look to see.

New Flooring Flaws:

Check out the flooring to know the quality of work put through the entire house. Poor flooring can mean damage due to bad underlayment, subfloor, or possible plumbing leaks or water damage from a roof leak. With carpet, floor defects can be difficult to find out but if it is a hardwood floor, you can easily figure out the work quality. Better to hire an expert to look around and figure out the reason of the damage if you detect any of these issues.

Hazardous Electrical Wiring:

Every flipper needs to follow safety and building codes while flipping a house, especially in regard to the electrical system. If the flip is not standardized to local building codes, wiring be done incorrectly which can be a fire hazard. Also, the flipper may have needed to change all panels and circuit breakers based on the renovations done. If you are not a licensed contrator in this area, it is advisable to hire one for an electrical inspection.

HVAC System Faults:

A perfect HVAC system is very important for a comfortable home but during flipping of a house, what is behind the walls may not be visible or the system may not be up to current code or load standards for the newly renovated square footage. We insist you take the opinion and help of an expert such as heating and air Alpharetta.


If you plan on buying a house, you need to be concerned about the foundation as this is what the house stands on so also better to call an expert and get it checked if you see any signs of cracking in the foundation or settlement.

Problem in Plumbing:

It’s easy to identify the new plumbing fixtures and hardware replaced during a renovation.  But you can’t see what is hidden in walls and cabinets so look for signs of damage such as water leaks around toilets and drains that will not drain water correctly. If you see any such signs get a thorough check on the entire house plumbing.

Old and Damaged Insulation:

The insulation in the attic of the house needs to be of proper R value for your geo location and thermal zone.  Inspect the attic for the correct type and amount of insulation as well as in the basement joists and sub floors.  

Problematic Doors:

Check if all the doors and locks are aligned and all the knobs work. This could be a sign of a deeper issue with the quality of the renovation that was done or a larger issue in the structure of the building.  

Curb Appeal:

Make sure the house looks good from the outside and not shabby. It should be freshly painted, and all the rotting attachments or wood should be replaced. Also, check the roof if it is has been repaired and/or replaced.

Fail to Follow Safety Codes:

Make sure the house is safe and secure and that the flipper has followed all local building codes and safety rules while renovating the house.

Buying a flipped house may be light on your pocket but if you are not careful about these issues, then later you will have to spend quite some amount to get the house fixed and you never know how deep-rooted the trouble is. Hence, hire an expert to check the house thoroughly as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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