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4 Essential Factors to Consider Before Building a New Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 12 February 2019 07:50
4 Essential Factors to Consider Before Building a New Home Royalty free image courtesy of Pixabay

You’ve decided to design and build a new home. Congratulations! This time is an exciting one for you. You’re eagerly anticipating the final product, a new house where you’ve planned everything you’ve ever wanted.

There are so many compelling reasons to start on the journey to a custom built home. You’ll enjoy incorporating your favorite architectural style, stunning design elements, and conveniences that you have always desired.

In fact, you’re probably already leafing through design magazines and pinning images that reflect your personal, unique sense of style.

However, before you get to building that home, here are four essential factors that you must stop and consider prior to starting the home-build process. Let’s take a look.

Location, location, location

As you read that bullet point, the old real estate adage probably springs into your mind. There’s a valid reason that realtors say this phrase over and over again—it’s the absolute, 100% truth.

Location is a crucial element when you’re selecting the site for your new residence. Whether you want to build a luxurious lakefront custom-built home to pass the summertime or a year-round family home in the suburbs, consider lot location.

Lots which offer privacy are a plus, when possible. These lots give you a feeling that you are at a retreat or on vacation in paradise. If the lot has a spectacular view, that’s all the better!

However, also consider distance to local amenities. If you select a location too remote, you’ll quickly grow tired of long drives for a forgotten gallon or milk.

Naturally, you’ll want to pinpoint the conveniences that are important to your lifestyle. For example, if parents should see how long they will ride the school bus each day. Or, seniors might consider where their doctor is located in relation to the home.

Beyond that, when the day comes that you sell your home, the potential buyers will be considering these same points.

Find the Best Home Builder

Every market is flooded with contractors who claim to be the top home builder. The truth is, there is only one top position. Your job is to find that builder and then trust his or her knowledge of local building codes and practices.

Those who are considered your town’s best homebuilder. Builders who achieve that title through years of hard work. This is an experienced builder who is intimately familiar with every phase of the construction process.

Typically, they are respected because they stand behind their work because they possess superior craftsmanship.

Remember also that while the home construction process is an exhilarating time, it’s also a time fraught with deadlines, inspections, and other worries. Those who are building a home for the first time often become overwhelmed by the process. Therefore, the best home builder is one who knows how to smooth out your ruffled feathers—because it is certainly going to happen at some point in the process.

Selecting a Floorplan

Once you’ve chosen your builder, it’s time to review the floorplan. You might have purchased a plan, but it’s likely that your builder has access to plans that will suit you.

When selecting a floorplan, think about your unique needs and your lifestyle. Here are three questions the builder will ask you.

  • Do you have a large family which requires larger square footage and four or five bedrooms, or do you prefer less square footage and only need three bedrooms?
  • Are you an enthusiastic home cook who requires a chef’s kitchen with upgrades like a pot-filler, or do you want a stylish, well-appointed kitchen for essential-only food preparation?
  • Does your family entertain often prompting the need for a spacious great room, or do you prefer a cozier media room?

Because you will hire an experienced builder, he or she will know what questions to ask you. There are so many floor plans available that selecting the best one can be overwhelming. Getting to know your needs will allow the builder to guide you into the correct choice.

Remember Resale

You might be thinking it’s silly to plan to resell your dream home. Right? However, the time to sell comes to every homeowner in due time.

While that may be years away from now, remember that there are certain investments you can make right now that offer you the highest return on your spend.

Some of those investments that are worth every penny are:

  • Luxury chef’s kitchen
  • Spa-like master bathroom
  • Open floor plan
  • A lot with a million dollar view
  • Fantastic curb appeal (windows, doors, welcoming entryway, landscaping)

Not only will you build a home that will be easier to sell, but you’ll also thoroughly enjoy those amenities now.

The Bottom Line

When you decide to build your brand new dream home, you’re entering an exciting phase of your life. The process can be frightening, especially when you begin to face challenges that go along with every single build. However, knowing you have considered all these choices completely before undergoing the build will bolster your confidence if ever begins to waver.

Deborah Tayloe is a freelance writer and contributor to Homes by Chris of Kansas City, MO. When she’s not blogging about home construction and renovations, she’s living it--she’s currently remodeling her 1960s North Carolina farmhouse one room at a time.

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