Different Types of Garage Doors

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The type of material your garage door is made from makes a significant difference in how it performs. Some materials are better suited for harsh weather, while others are more about aesthetics than functionality. Here are a few different types of garage doors to consider if you’re looking to install a new one or replace your current garage door.

Types of Garage Doors - Unique Qualities of Each

Wood Garage Doors

A few door materials can match the look and appeal of a wood garage door. It has a vintage, inviting look that’s sure to catch the eye of neighbors, friends and family. While a wooden garage door may look aesthetically pleasing, it may not always be the right choice. For instance, wood garage doors will warp when exposed to moisture. Buying and maintaining a wooden garage door can also be expensive since you’ll most likely have to repaint it frequently.

Wood Composite Garage Doors

These types of doors are a cheaper option than wood as they’re made from fiberboard with a wooden frame. For a more detailed look, you can go for a higher end wood composite door made with high-density fiberboard skin.

Although wood composite garage doors don’t have the same level of beauty and detail as other garage door styles, they’re energy efficient. Their cores are filled with polystyrene insulation which works well to prevent hot and cold air from escaping through the garage door.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are not only less expensive compared to wood, but they’re also durable enough to handle harsh weather, and they won’t rot, expand or warp when exposed to moisture. However, aluminum also has its fair share of drawbacks. In hot weather, for example, aluminum absorbs heat and will make your garage unbearably warm. This may mean higher electric bills if you have an AC in your garage.

Aluminum doors will also dent much easier than other types of doors. So heavy winds, hail and sport-loving children could damage your doors.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors combine the low maintenance of aluminum and beauty of wood. They are the perfect types of doors for most environments.

Steel garage doors come in a broad array of options such as window inserts, panels and colors. For instance, you can choose a wood grain finish and enjoy the beautiful look of wood without having to worry about the maintenance associated with it.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass doors are more contemporary than other types of garage doors. While the glass typically used is thick and strong, it doesn’t match the durability of aluminum, steel or wood. One of the main reasons glass garage doors are popular is that they make a room feel larger.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

The light weight of fiberglass garage doors makes them quitter when they open and close. They’re not good insulators, but they also won’t rot, warp or expand when exposed to moisture. Also, fiberglass doors may get brittle when exposed to cold temperatures.

In Conclusion

Looking for the different types of garage doors? Choosing the right type of garage door for your premises depends on preference as well as other factors such as the weather, budget and convenience. Choose a type of garage door that will be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

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