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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Bedroom Set

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 27 February 2019 06:12
10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Bedroom Set 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Bedroom Set

The choice of a bedroom set it a decision that will affect your life for a long time. You need bedroom furniture you can depend on and enjoy for many years to come. Here are ten questions to ask yourself before you make your selection.

1. Who will use the bedroom set?

The very first question you need to ask yourself is, “Who will be using this bedroom set?” You will need different types and sizes of beds depending on whether they will be used by children or adults. If two or more people share the room, you will need more furniture. Each has their own tastes and needs as well.


However, discovering the reviews profile may be really helpful in terms of comfortability of some particular furniture piece. In this regard, the furniture experts from1StopBedrooms company recommends paying attention to the customers' reviews as a key element in the purchasing process.

2. How much space do I have in my bedroom?

It pays to take careful measurements of the room before you choose bedroom sets. Otherwise, you could end up with a piece of furniture that will not fit in your room. Pay attention to where windows and doors are situated, to be sure you do not cover them with furniture.

To test out how furniture will fit in your room, you can cut out cardboard to make a representation of your bedroom to scale. Cut out pieces of construction paper to represent the furniture, also to scale. Then, you can try the furniture out to see if and how it will fit.

3. What pieces do I want?

A bedroom set can have only a bed and a nightstand. Or, it can have several pieces, including: a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, a chest, and a dresser mirror. Even if your bedroom is large enough, you may not want all those pieces. Decide early on which you prefer.

4. What style do I like best?

You can choose from a wide range of furniture styles. Some of the most popular choices are: contemporary, traditional, casual, modern, and cottage. Look at different options to find the bed that appeals to your sense of style and level of formality.

5. What are the lifestyle factors?

Lifestyle factors can play a part in how you use your bedroom. If you watch TV in your bedroom, you may need a media chest. If family members gather in the bed on Saturday mornings, you need a bigger bed. Think about how you will use each piece in your daily life.

6. What type of bed appeals to me?

The type of bed can have a huge impact on the ambiance of the room. You can choose a panel bed, a platform bed, a sleigh bed, a 4-poster bed, a bunk bed, a bookcase bed, a canopy bed, or a daybed, or others. If you like the comfort of a luxury hotel bed, one option to consider is an upholstered panel bed. This type was named by The Spruce as one of the best beds for 2018.

7. How much storage do I need?

You can choose how much storage to add to your bedroom with the furniture you select. You can store shoes or even hanging clothes beneath an elevated bed. If you do not have enough closet space, you can get an extra chest. Bookcase beds and captain’s beds are great for additional storage, too.

8. What type of construction are the frames?

Whether you are buying practical furniture for a rowdy 9-year-old or elegant furniture for yourself and your spouse, you need a quality bedroom set. Test the durability of wood by running your fingernail along a surface to make sure it does not scratch.

Check the joints to see that there is no visible glue. For the best durability, look for dovetail or mortise-and-tenon joints. Choose frames made of solid wood or 9+ layer plywood. Avoid woods with knots or cracks. Reinforcing corner blocks, dowels, and screws are all signs of quality pieces of furniture.

Look at the way the drawers are designed. They should have dust panels and floating bottoms if you want the best. Drawers should always have at least metal glide rails and stops. Avoid drawers with wood-on-wood sliding.

9. How durable is the upholstery?

If you have chosen a set with upholstery, check the type of fabric used for the upholstered panel of a headboard. Notice the way the upholstery is attached to the frame. Find out about the cleaning instructions of the piece.

10. What is my budget?

Your budget may limit your options. Yet, there are some things you can do if you are running short on cash to get your dream furniture. You can buy your items on sale and/or put them on a monthly payment plan. You can also get bedroom sets with free delivery to save yourself that charge.


Getting a brand-new bedroom set is one of the most exciting adventures of home living. Yet, with so many options, it is not always an easy task. Still, if you approach the task the right way, you can enjoy the experience. Most importantly, you can find your ideal furniture for the dreamy nights ahead.

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