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How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Movers

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It can be a lot of work to move your house but hiring professional removalists will get most of your work done smoothly. Professional movers can help in packing and transporting your home in a short period of time. As much as the removalists are helping you relocate, you can also help them a little by preparing your home for them to work efficiently. Helping them to do their work well is only going to help you back with completing the move safely in a short time.

Wondering how you can help the movers? Here’s how a little help from your side will enable them to give their best.

Clear the Items that Needn’t be Packed

You may have some things that you do not wish to take to your new home. Letting these things lying around in the middle of all other things that need to be packed will only confuse and complicate the packing process for the removalists. Therefore, before the removalists arrive, clear the space of all the things that you do not want to be packed. It may be things you wish to throw away, donate or sell off. It may also be the overnight bag you had packed to carry with you during the relocation.

An even better way is to pack them in separate boxes and label it accordingly so that the removalists do not, even by mistake, pack them with the rest of your stuff.

Keep your Children and Pets Aside

If you have any children or pets in your home, there are high chances that they will go around to where the packers are working and meddle in their work and disturb them. If you want your relocation work to happen without any hitch, then you need to give the removalists their own space to do their work.

The best way is to keep your children and/or pets in the room until the removalists have completed the work. Keep them engaged or you can also arrange for a sitter to take care of them while you supervise the packing.

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Keep the Appliances Ready

Do not wait for the removalists to come and unplug all your appliances. Some of the appliances like refrigerator and washing machine need to be prepped at least a day before the relocation. For the refrigerator, you have to clear out all the food items, clean it inside with cleaning liquid and keep it open for at least a day to let it dry. For a washing machine, you need to unplug and close the water connections, rinse the drum well, clean and dry it.

Similarly, for the oven, you will need to clean the residue of the food items left inside so that it doesn’t develop fungus during the relocation. Many of the appliances need to be kept ready for the removalists to pack and move. Cleaning these appliances is your responsibility to ensure no damage in the move.

Whenever you are removing the connections of the appliances, take a picture before it to ensure that you will know where to connect when you get to your new home.

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Keep Manuals and Boxes Ready

The removalists will bring the necessary boxes and packing supplies to pack all your things including the furniture and appliances. But it is always best to pack these big items in the original box it came in as this will keep the item inside more secure.

Therefore, if you have the original box for any appliance or furniture, make sure to keep them ready. Also, if you think that the removalists may need the help of the manual to dismantle any furniture, keep it ready too. Even if not, packing the manual along with the furniture and appliance will save a lot of time when installing them back in your new home.

Hiring professional Perth movers is one of the best decisions you take for your relocation. Among all the furniture removals, CBD Movers Perth is one of the most experienced and trustworthy removal services specialized in providing a safe relocation according to the needs of the customers. If you are moving house during winter, or any other season, contact us now to know how we can make the process easy for you.

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