How to Find Penny Stocks To Watch

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Penny Stocks To Watch and Make Money With!

With a choice of more than 8,000 stocks, it can be a very confusing world for stock pickers out there. My trick is to just look for hot penny stocks. I have many tools that help me pick these hot stocks and I would like to share these resources with you today.

This article is all about the FREE watch lists that come into my email inbox every night. Anyone that trades stocks knows the time and energy required to do the research to compose their watch list. Let me show you in this article how to reduce this effort and time by 90% or more!

Why Penny Stocks?

Penny Stocks are not as well covered by Wall Street than the larger market cap stocks. The definition of a penny stock is generally considered to be a stock that is trading at a price of $5 per share or less. This is not a set in stone rule and different people have different definitions for what constitutes a penny stock.

I often trade stocks up to about $100 per share and still think of them as penny stocks. The reason I trade penny stocks is that they often move 50% - 100% in a day or two. This volatility can lead to huge wealth generation very quickly. If you are trading Blue chip stocks, volatility is not normally a good thing - you want steady gains over time. But with penny stocks and short-term trading, volatility is your friend.

List of FREE Email Signups for Penny Stocks To Watch

Here is a list of websites that allow you to sign up with your best email address so that they can send you completely free penny stock picks. They do all the screening for you and you can just check over the picks and do your own due diligence. This can really speed up your research process and put you ahead of the average stock trader.

  1. Raging Bull offers free daily, weekly stock updates and watch lists for you to use via email. Pretty useful especially if you are a swing trader. Includes detailed notes on all the stocks mentioned. This is my favorite in the list because it includes information from six millionaire traders (experts in swing trading, day trading, ETF, Binary, Biotech and Options). There is something in this email watch list for every one and it is FREE for an unlimited time period.
  2. shiznitstocks offers a similar newsletter to RagingBull. Not as professionally done as RagingBull but 30,000 traders get the emails every day.
  3. Gorilla Trades offers a free trial for 30 days. They send out a very detailed watch list and trade updates via email. Unfortunately this is for only 30 days before you must subscribe to their premium service. Also they might actually be Gorillas...

Example of a Free Email Watchlist

These are the three main websites that I use for to get my free penny stocks to watch list. Let me show you an example snippet of the free email watch list that I received recently from the RagingBull millionaire traders stock watch list.

" So here’s what I’m watching into Friday: CMRX from yesterday’s watch list remains in play.


Buy Range 5.20-5.40

Stop 5.05

Target 6.00+

Has held up well the last few sessions without much help from the IWM and with very little volume. As long as it keeps holding the 5.00 level I think it’s got a chance for a secondary pop.


Buy Range 8.30-8.50

Stop 8.20

Target 9.50

One of the patterns we’ve seen playing out over the last couple of months is that big movers are often having little to no rest for a secondary move. GSIT, we hope, continues that trend. After a large green candle on Wednesday, it held up well on Thursday, even as the IWM looked like it was going to be a bloodbath early. This is a low volume stock so bid your entries, but I think it has a great risk/reward with a stop just below Thursday’s low.

Trade wise and green!

Jason Bond "


This is just a snippet from one of the emails - the email includes detailed charts and a portfolio as well. I certainly have had traded some hot penny stocks from these emails and I suspect that if you sign up, you will also make money from these simple watch lists as well.

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