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9 Steps to Follow in Tile and Grout Cleaning to Restore Flooring Pristine Shine

Written by Posted On Thursday, 14 March 2019 23:32

Steps 1 – Tile & grout examination and identification: This step is very important in the cleaning process. In this step we will look over your tile and grout for any latent damage. We also test your tiles to find out if it is man-made tile or natural stone. This is tremendously important, as natural stone requires a special cleaning process. While high pH and acidic cleaners can be used on man-made tiles, natural stone tile can be damaged with these abrasive cleaners and must be given specialized cleaning agents to protect the stone and finish.

Step 2 – Preparation: In this step, we move any items off the tile and grout areas that are to be cleaned. We pre-sweep the flooring, removing any loose debris. We also protect any areas and furniture in your house to make sure they don’t get smashed during the tile and grout cleaning process.

Step 3 – Pretreatment: We then apply our professional grade alkaline cleaner to your tile & grout. We always take extra care not to spray your appliances, cabinets, or furniture during this step. This pretreatment immediately goes to work breaking up the dirt and oils that have become rooted in your tile and grout.

Step 4 – Scrubbing: This very important step (frequently skipped by most other tile and grout services) scrubs each individual grout line. Manually scrubbing each grout line ensures that we remove all grease, dirt, and oils down deep. If an area of your grout doesn’t clean to our satisfaction we will then acid etch that area to remove the stubborn stains.

Step 5 – Detailing:   Detailing your tile and grout floor and walls is another important step skipped by most other Tile and Grout Cleaners Melbourne. In this step we carefully clean all the corners and edges in the room to be certain that every surface has been cleaned back to its original condition.

Step 6 – Tile and grout cleaning: Using high pressure and heat, we blast away all the dirt and grime that has been loosened by our pretreatment process. Again during this step, if we notice any area not cleaning properly we will acid etch the grout to bring it back to its original color All the dirt and grime is pumped out to our truck and taken away.

Step 7 – Final cleanup: Here’s another step that shows how we truly take your tile and grout cleaning to the Next Level. After thoroughly and professionally cleaning your tile and grout, we take the time to wipe up all your corners and all your baseboards to give you a fantastic final look.

Step 8 – Tile and grout sealing (optional): We offer two optional sealing services and also provide tips for tile sealing for future cleanup job. First, our clear seal process applies a penetrating sealer to your grout lines to seal the grout pores, stopping dirt and grime from penetrating deep into your grout. This makes maintaining your freshly cleaned floor much easier.

Second, our color sealing process is simply the best sealing service available for grout. This service allows you to restore your grout to any color you chose. This super durable urethane sealer actually stains the grout to the color of your choice. This service comes with a 15 year warranty on the color sealer application.

Step 9 – Speed drying: In this step, we set up high speed fans to speed dry your tile and grout. This ensures that all moisture is completely removed from your tile and grout floor prior to us leaving, and aids in speeding up the drying process of any sealer that may have been applied.

By following these simple steps you will get a fresh and shinier floor again.

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