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Small Home Improvements Which Bring Big Value

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 March 2019 07:01

It is universal knowledge that the easiest and fastest way to boost your home’s value would be to completely redecorate the kitchen and the bathroom. Nevertheless, we don’t always have money to burn for a total makeover, as remodeling these two from top to bottom is quite costly (especially if you invest in new appliances, too). Fortunately, there are much cheaper methods that you can apply, and some of them require nothing but a bit of your time and effort.

Kitchen tricks

There’s no need to spend a fortune on new cabinets. Instead, you’ll get pretty much a similar effect by painting the cabinets’ doors into some neutral shade, and for the extra kick, you could also replace the handles, and voila – you’ve got yourself a new cooking and dining area.

As well as that, a new marble countertop is so much overrated. It’s cheaper to just replace the backsplash with some new, trendy patterned tiles. For the real change of style, deal with the centerpiece of the kitchen – the fixtures and the sink. Buying a new, high-quality sink and stylish faucets will immediately make the whole kitchen feel different. What is more, you could hang a chandelier if you see it fitting since this will surely get everyone’s attention.

Lovely living room

What this room (and the whole house, for that matter) could largely benefit from is a fresh coat of paint. Most buyers feel attracted to light beige, light grey or oatmeal living rooms due to the fact this helps them visualize themselves easier. Perhaps you can’t change the old flooring at the moment, but you can do the next best thing – invest in some new, soft rugs and carpets. By the way, mirrors will always do the trick and visually enlarge the space.

In order for the living room to be a mirror of energy conservation and to add some chic and character to it, consider installing a charming ceiling fan. They are less pricey than a typical air conditioner and consume less energy, too.

Get dirty

No one is going to come close to the house which is surrounded by a weed-infested garden. Therefore, start your lawnmower! You could even redesign the garden and plant some fruits and vegetables, as well as introduce some local species which are easy to maintain, yet quite appealing. These are also traits of green homes, which are in high demand at the moment.

Bathroom boosters

Bathrooms are usually small spaces, so it’s enough to change a detail or two, and you have already made a huge improvement. For starters, you could probably replace the toilet seat. If you’re unable at the moment to change all the tiles, go around it by changing only the floor tiles, and you will have introduced a breath of fresh air. If possible, buy new cabinets and countertops, or at least hang a big, interesting mirror above them. Getting a new showerhead or fixtures will create a better look, too.

To sum up, with a bit of cash and some DIY projects, you can easily increase the curb appeal and negotiate a much higher price than you have hoped for. If in doubt, simply apply some of our tips, and you’ll have lots of interested buyers coming your way.

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