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Common Problem with Air Conditioners

Written by Posted On Friday, 15 March 2019 14:10

Air conditioners have become a necessity rather than a luxury in almost every house. With modern technology, the prices are getting down, energy efficiency is much better than before and the polluted agents are also being looked after with each new model. Being a machine, it’s bound to have some limitations and problems. Here is a list of the common problems with air conditioners.

Common Problems with Air Conditioners  - Fix the Problem


  1. Filter Issues


Filters within air conditioners are meant to filter out the dust and dirt that comes from outside and prevents most outdoor molecules from entering along with the cool air. If not cleaned regularly then it is bound to get clogged or jammed. This usually doesn’t let the cooling process work effectively. Whenever you feel that your air conditioner is not cooling as usual, clean the filter and see the difference. You can clean the filter by yourself at home just by taking it out and dusting it. Some certain types of ACs, the air filter requires regular replacement, so read the manufacturer’s instructions and replace the filters accordingly.


  1. Thermostat Settings


The thermostat is the temperature controlling unit of the air conditioners, which is usually being controlled by the remote. If you find any issues with the cooling, make sure to check the temperature or setting of the thermostat. Some ACs has a default thermostat setting which might change according to the temperature outside. Turn the settings according to your requirements by reading the instructions and see if there is any change in the cooling function.


  1. Leaky Refrigerants


If you find that your AC is working perfectly but there is no cool air coming out, then this is one of the most common issues with most air conditioners after a point of time.


Refrigerants cool the air, which usually comes from the ACs. With regular use or lack of timely services, the coolant might start to leak leading to a malfunctioning within the air conditioner. This problem seeks expert solutions, so it’s better to call a technician to fix the issue.


  1. Water Outlet


The water outlet or the drainage system in air conditioner units determines the cooling system as well. Just like the filters, the drainage system can get clogged due to dirt and dust, leading the water to store in unwanted spaces. The water might start running backwards or work might store up within the unit, leading to manufacturing damage. There are no particular signs to the problem and only a technician would be able to figure out the issue.


  1. Fuses


If you find your air conditioning unit to stop working all of a sudden, then there are high chances that the fuse of the compression must have turned off. This fuse or breakers prevent the compressors of the ACs to overheat, thus saving it from a major defect. Only a technician is trained enough to check the issue and it is advised not to do this by yourself.



Along with the above mentioned issues, some other common problems with air conditioners include a dysfunctional capacitor, damaged compressor, breakage of unmaintained evaporating coils and other technical issues which might require expect solutions.

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