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Has your home been infested with termites and you need a quick solution? There are many ways to deal with termites. One of the best options is using readily available home remedies. Different home remedies work to help get rid of termites permanently. In this post, we focus on how you can use vinegar as a home remedy for termites in wall.

Locate The Termites

The first step to take when you want to kill termites is locating their actual hiding places. If you have spotted some termites walking on the wall or around the house, chances are there is a big nest within the wall. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part of the process. You need to walk around the perimeter of your house and pay keen attention to be able to detect crevices where termites hide. Some of the signs to look for include termite frass which resembles sawdust, holes in wooden structures, and mud sealed structures. In most cases, termite will make a hole in the wood then seal it with mud. Look for every hole in your home before you start the treatment.

Home Remedy for Termites in Wall - Using Items in Your Kitchen

Prepare Your Vinegar Solution

Once you have located and sniffed out the hiding place for termites, you need to prepare your vinegar solution. There are several ways you can use vinegar to kill termites. You can use vinegar:

  • In its pure form

  • Dissolved in water at ratio 1:1

  • Mixed with lemon juice at ratio 1:2

  • Vinegar mixed with olive oil 1:4

The most effective mixture for killing termites is vinegar dissolved in water or vinegar with lemon juice. You can also use other options based on your preferences. Once you have mixed the solution, spray it to all the corners of the house where termites may hide. Spray the solution to the holes where termites hide as much as possible. At first, the termites may not seem to be affected in any way. Make sure you keep on spraying until all the wood is soaked in the solution. Eventually, all the termites will die leaving you with a termite free house.

Repeat the Process

Give the wall some time to dry before you repeat the process again. You should spray again after 2 to 3 days. It may take between 3 days and a few weeks to completely kill all the termites. However, once you spray the wall the second time, you only have to sit and wait to see the termites succumb. If you realize that there are still some termite in your house after three weeks, you should prepare for another treatment. You should also examine keenly to determine their hiding places and seal any holes where they might come back from.


The best home remedy for termites in wall is vinegar. Vinegar is a natural solution that can be bought from any food store. Simply mix vinegar with water or lemon juice to start killing the termites. Make sure you spray the solution to all the hiding places. Repeat the process after 2 days just to be certain. Once the termites are eliminated, they will never come back because the chemical signature of the solution remains within the wood.

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