Benefits of Insulated Garage Door

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Garages today are much more than a place to park your car and store items you rarely use. They’ve evolved into an extension of the home. The typical garage will probably have a home gym, home business office, workshop or more. To keep up with these modern trends, the things in your garage would be better protected if you had an insulated garage door. That’s why it's important to understand some of the benefits of insulated garage door when you’re looking to do a lot more with your garage space.

Garages and Insulation

Given that garage doors aren’t technically considered living spaces, construction regulations in creating a well-sealed and safe environment are usually much looser. As such, garages are often prone to air leaks that can bring the garage close to outdoor temperatures. The air leaks may make the temperatures in your garage unbearable, potentially damage stored belongings or hike the cost to balance the AC or heating in your home.

Insulating your garage door, therefore, is one of the best ways to control temperatures in your garage and enjoy the benefits of tightly-sealed garage space. There’s a world of difference between the technology of insulated garage doors and those that are not.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Door - What You Must Know

Increased Energy Efficiency

An insulated garage door prevents hot air from entering your home in the warmer months and prevents heat from escaping during winter. Contrarily, an uninsulated garage will transfer cold or hot air to the rooms adjacent to it by allowing cold or hot air via gaps in the door and increasing your heating and cooling costs. By insulating your garage door, you’ll be moderating the temperature in your garage and spending much less to heat or cool your home.

More Noise Control

For many people, insulating the garage door comes with the added benefit of reduced noise coming into the house from outside the garage. If the garage door has too many leaks or gaps, the air, as well as sound, can creep in from the outdoors. Similarly, insulation can help to reduce noise from the garage from getting outdoors and causing a nuisance. For example, if you have a workshop or play loud music while in the garage.

Increased Comfort

Insulating your garage door makes both the interior of your home and your garage more comfortable. Preventing your garage from being either uncomfortably hot or cold is the best way to maintain your home’s indoor temperatures and improve comfort levels. The last thing you want is for your family to bundle up in your home or have to endure too much heat just because air is seeping through the garage door.

Increased Door Strength

Insulating your garage door makes it stronger than a non-insulated door. Insulation, therefore, translates to higher resistance to damage from kids, vehicles, weather and everyday opening and closing. Most garage doors are typically made of steel frames which are not only sturdier than non-insulated doors but also resistant to rust.

Bottom Line

Knowing the benefits of insulated garage door makes it easier to understand why it’s a necessary investment. Ultimately, it can have a positive impact on both your garage and indoor space. Some of the benefits mentioned in this article include increased energy efficiency, comfort, more noise control, and increased door strength.

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