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How to Find a Best Thesis Writing Service Online in United States

Written by Posted On Monday, 15 April 2019 03:16

It’s the 21st century and the phrase “what a time to be alive” is used frequently in this time and age, with negative as well as positive connotations. For students, it’s the era of thesis writing service online in USA as well as other countries. In this day and age, people can buy thesis online or hire a thesis writer to help themselves out.

Online writing service providers have managed to identify the ultimate need of all students. All students would like to be able to ask someone else to do their work for them just so they may focus on other things. Some students are too stressed and find it difficult to manage their time wisely, yet others are already spread too thin across jobs and sports or other activities. College time is very stressful for some students mainly because of the nature of the situation. They are living alone, most of them are working to pay the bills and try and get out of their student loans. It is no surprise that the mental health of many students suffers when they come to college due to the conditions created around them. Instead of giving students a break and letting them focus on their studies, students are taking part in all activities except studying.

Many online writing services aim to provide students with as much help as they may need to feel like they are in control of their own life. Providing online help for thesis writing or writing any other assignment for students, allows them to break free from a vicious cycle of increasing burden. These services reduce stress in students and allow them a chance to learn, instead of just hustling for grades.

The sudden increase in the popularity of online writing services has lead to many fake websites as well, and it will serve students better to learn to identify genuine and legit websites. The following are features that need to be identified to classify an online writing service as legit:

Terms and Conditions: One method of identifying a fake website from a real one is to check it’s terms and conditions. Many websites have the habit of changing terms and conditions after every few years, so it is recommended that you check the terms and conditions section every time you plan to use the service, to protect yourself.

The terms and conditions section of a website is a fairly lengthy and detailed section, however, one can look for keywords and try to ascertain the relevance of a website. Fake websites might not even have a detailed terms and conditions section, making it very difficult to understand what are the websites intentions. Looking for keywords like user protection, safety, and limits of liability will help you understand what rights you have in this situation. Fake websites might not even have a terms and conditions section, so be careful of such websites.

Guarantees Provided: While guarantees provided are also part of the term and conditions section of online writing service, mentioning these separately because almost all websites will have guarantees for marketing purposes but only genuine websites will support their guarantees legally. Try using online writing services that are more user-friendly and have “money back” guarantees and “no plagiarism” guarantees; these guarantees are important for the users to feel that they can trust the website. They should also try and see how these guarantees work, from the terms and conditions section. Guarantees are also a sign of commitment from the service providers and allow them to uphold a standard of quality.

Website design and Domain name: Another main method of identifying fake service providers from the genuine ones is to look at website design. Most writing services have a proper coherent and complex website design with a logo, and a domain name that matches the name of the service provider. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar on the site is another ‘tell-tale’ sign of a fake website. When looking at a website your brain is able to identify a pattern or theme, that is how you separate ads on a webpage from the actual content. Use this sense to know what a fake website looks like.

Security Certificate: Security certificates are the ultimate sign, if you ever use a website for monetary transactions, make sure that the URL starts with “https” and not just a regular “http”. This is a certificate that allows the website and the browser to exchange encrypted information, making it less likely to be hacked. Most browsers prevent the exchange of information with the website if the website’s security certificate has expired. If you see that the website is not ‘https’ then do not add any personal information or any financial information to the website, it is most vulnerable to hacking and getting information stolen.

So domain names, security certificates, guarantees, and terms & conditions are things that can help you determine just how you can tell fake online writing service providers from genuine ones. However, the legitimacy of a website does not determine whether it’s the best or not, it is only one part of the criteria. In order to know which website is the best thesis writing service, there are few more elements that need to be added to the criteria. Most websites offer a wide range of services, and investing in a good writing service will help you save time and effort, and give you the peace of mind you need. Look for the following things when you are trying to decide on one writing service to employ, it may be for a thesis or a simple assignment, either way, these services should be thought of as an investment in your future. Quality services will mean a better grade for you, so don’t download a free paper from the internet, if you want to avoid plagiarism you’ll have to edit and rewrite it all. A more effective method would be to pay a very reasonable amount and get the work done by people who commit to it and will do it honestly.

Steps to Find the Best Writing Service Online:

Here are some features that you should look for in order to find the best online writing service for you.

Range of Services

When looking for a service provider who meets your requirements, do have a quick glance at the range of services they offer or if they focus or specialize in one field. If the work you need to get done is more technical, then you should try getting a website that specializes in a particular subject you are looking for. Also check if the website offers any samples of writing, to get a better idea of what type of voice they offer.

See to it that, the writing service actually provides the particular service you are looking for. If you are just looking for editing and proofreading services you should make sure that the online service you are looking at offers it as a separate service. Similarly, if the website only does research papers, you wouldn’t employ their services to do a complex finance assignment. So, make sure that the work you want to be helped with, falls somewhere on the spectrum of services offered by online writing services. The broader the spectrum, the better the service provider is bound to be.

Features Promised

Since the assignments are an investment in your future, you want to make sure you utilize every feature promised to get your money’s worth. Check all the features that providers promise, do they offer unlimited revisions, do they offer free editing and proofreading, what are their policies on plagiarism. You should be trying to determine the quality of the service provided and how the writing service will add value. While most writing services strive to be affordable you might not want some added features based on your assignment. However, if it were a term paper, you would like a higher quality paper with no plagiarism and unlimited reviews so that you may get it just the way you want, to your level of satisfaction. Features promised is also a good measure of how committed a writing service actually is to improve the lives of customers. The features are meant to create value for the customer and should be aimed at satisfying the customer’s needs and improving quality of the final product, features like “3-hour urgent delivery” and “money back guarantee” inspire loyalty and trust between the service and the customer. Introducing features, ensure the quality of the end product and is bound to be a sign of quality. Hence, the best writing service will manage to create more value for its customers by introducing various features.

Affordability of Packages

Referring to using writing services as investments does not mean that customers should give all their money to these services, it means that one should be careful when deciding on service and try to get the greatest value possible within the limits of their budget. Due to the increased level of competition amongst writing services, the pieces are bound to be low and should be most affordable. Many websites offer packages of services at reasonable rates to create more value for customers. Use these websites to help yourself, even avail discounts to keep the burden on your pocket as less as possible. Most writing services will mention that their aim is to help reduce the burden on students, this also applies to economic stress. Hence the best writing service should actually be wallet-friendly and affordable for most students.

Customer Reviews

Look at customer reviews so that you may know what kind of experiences are offered by the writing service. Many writing services will also quote statistics like retention rates and satisfaction rate, there are no set standards or methods of measuring these stats, but they can be used to measure the quality of experience provided. While a couple of bad reviews in a sea of good reviews are not very ominous, you should not try your luck with services that are known for their blunders. Negative feedback is worse than no feedback, because no feedback may be perceived as the website being new. You should also try to make sure that the writers are actually good at what they do and are cooperative with revisions and are compliant with the requirements you have set forth. Therefore, a good writing service should be backed by the feedback of many customers. The feedback should be frequently collected and it should be open for customers to see in the spirit of transparency.

Quality Assurance and Customer Service

Quality assurance and the customer services are both integral parts of any writing service; the quality assurance team is responsible for ensuring that all the work done by the writers is up to standards, in terms of formatting, grammar, and language. Whereas, the customer support group is responsible for improving the interaction between writers and clients, ensuring that they have a good experience with the writing service. Both are not only signs of a genuine website but also a method of assessing the quality of a writing service. A good writing service will place as much emphasis on these two groups as it does on the writers. Both services add value to the customers' experience with the writing service and attribute to customer loyalty and retention.


After having defined what to look for when trying to spot a genuine writing service, what makes some writing services better than others are the ways they choose to create value for their customers. This often includes providing a wide range of services to select from, introducing features that build trust and set a standard of quality, making packages affordable to appeal to the younger generation, getting positive feedback from older customers and emphasizing on quality assurance and customer service just as much as on the writers. All these features help create a service brand that people love.

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