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How to Clean Oil Off Tile Floor

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 30 April 2019 09:24

There is no doubt that oil and water do not mix. Hence, if there is an oil spill on the floor, you’ll only be able to clean up that mess properly if you know how to clean oil off tile floor. For many oil spills caused by broken glass could look like a near impossible situation. But, we are sure that the steps outlined below will help you to clean oil spills easily and also ensure that the broken glass is also cleaned thoroughly.

How to Clean Oil Off Tile Floor - Clean Like a Pro

Don’t know how to clean oil off tile floor? First, you’ll need to pick up all remnants of broken glass, apply an absorbent material onto the oil and then clean it up.

Things That You Would Need

However, you certainly would need quite a few things for this purpose. To begin with, you would need ice tube tongs, gardening gloves, shoes, newspapers, and good absorbent materials.  This could include corn starch, kitty litter, salt, baking soda, sand, wood shavings, paper towels, bread, dustpan, spatula and also dish liquid. You also would need a mop and lint roller.

Few Steps To Clean The Spill

Broken glass could cause serious cuts and abrasions when it breaks. Hence, the first priority is to find out ways by which you can remove the broken glass pieces safely. You must put on your shoes and they should have rubber soles and they also should be washable. You must use garden gloves or ice cube tongs that could come in handy for picking up the larger pieces of glass. It would be advisable to avoid using oven mitts. The broken glass pieces must be wrapped in a newspaper so that you avoid causing damage to the trash bag.

The next step is to cover the oil with absorbent material. We have mentioned quite a few options including kitty litter. There are other options like baking soda, salt, corn starch, sand and wood shavings that could also be used. You must allow the absorbent material to start working and this might take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. You could then use a spatula or paper towels and scoop the material and put it into a dustbin. The process might have to be repeated for two, three or even four times to ensure that even the smallest pieces of glass are removed from the surface.

The Cleaning Process

Once this has been done, you should wipe the floor clean. Use paper towels or slices of bread for removing the balance oil residue. Finally, you should make use of warm water and a grease-fighting liquid to mop the floor clean. This solution could also be used to remove pesky carpet stains. There could be a few glass pieces left in the spill. You must wait for the water in the floor to dry and then run a thick tape or lint roller over the area to pick up any small shreds of glass pieces. The spatula, mop, and dustpan must be washed thoroughly with the help of warm water and dish liquid.


While this could answer the question of how to clean oil off the floor, you could also follow some additional tips and suggestions. You could use soapy water dipped in a cloth for wiping the outside of the oil container. This will prevent the oil container from getting slippery each time you make use of it.


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