5 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Garage Door

Written by Posted On Thursday, 02 May 2019 12:34

A garage is without a doubt one of the most convenient rooms in any home. It is not only a place where you can hang out, but you can use the rooms as storage. Whether you are storing your car or your tool a garage can provide the relief that you need. Garages might be great, but they are mechanical. And, like anything mechanical, there will be eventual break downs. However, you can avoid this downtime if you learn to spot potential problems ahead of time. Below, you will learn about 5 possible break down scenarios.

Noisy Door

It is probably good to know when people are coming and going from the garage, but a noisy garage door could mean that there are potential problems ahead. Garage doors designed and manufactured by Door Boy use a lot of rollers and moving devices. Such devices require constant lubrication for proper operation. If such parts do not get the lubrication they need it is possible that they could grow noisy and eventually break down. If you find that your door has grown noisier than it was in the past this could be a good sign that you need to make repairs or replacements.

A Damaged Door

Garage doors are expensive and when they suffer small dings and dents it can be hard for some people to justify replacing them, Well, if your door sustains too much damage it will need replacing. Garage doors roll on tracks with the use of rollers and other devices. Even if just the front of the door is bent it could potentially tweak the frame and throw the whole door out of alignment.

Not Fully Securing

A garage door not only provides you access to and from the home, but it also protects the home. The door will protect the garage from the elements and potential thieves. Garage doors are designed to fully secure the home from the outside elements. So, if you ever see that your garage door is closing properly or having difficulties shutting there is a good chance that something is wrong. Doors are designed to fully close and if they aren’t something are probably wrong.

Consider The Age

A garage door is just like every other thing on this planet. They will only reach a certain age. In fact, the typical lifespan for a garage door is right around 30 years and if yours is getting up there it might be time to make some repairs or changes. If your door is ratty in appearance and you find that some of the panels are rusted this could be a good indication that your door is older.

Changing The Function Of Your Garage

Some individuals use their garages to store their cars. Some people use their garages to store their cars and tools. Whatever you choose to use your garage for, you can later change your mind and have the room remodeled. However, if you do change the function of the garage, you might need to replace or repair the door as well. Maybe you are converting the space into a spare bedroom so the door needs to be more permanent.

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