Remodeling Bedroom Tips

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We spend a great deal of time in the bedroom sleeping and relaxing. If your room is disorganized or uninspired, you can have a tough time relaxing, and that probably doesn’t help your disposition in the morning. Whether you read in bed or spend quality time with your pets before calling it a day, there are plenty of ways you can remodel your bedroom to give it a facelift. Here are a few remodeling bedroom tips to consider.

Fortunately, bedroom remodels are rarely expensive projects. Unlike changing a kitchen or bathroom, you don’t need to remove any structural objects or install new windows. More often than not, all you need is a little surface work and a deep clean.

Remodeling Bedroom Tips - Bring New Life to Your Room

Some remodeling bedroom tips to consider include organizing and getting rid of things you don’t need, consider window coverings, paint your walls a soothing color and more.

First Things First

Before starting the remodeling project, consider a few things:

  • What do you need?

Consider changes that will make you happy. Can you fix everything by simply rearranging the furniture? Is the room too dark?

  • What’s your style?

Focus on what you really want – a dark cozy room or a bright airy bedroom? Choose your style and stick with it.

  • Personal limits?

Choose bedroom components that are practical and work with your lifestyle and habits.

  • What’s the use?

Does your bedroom double as an office? Your movie theater? If your bedroom is not reserved for sleep alone, you need to take these factors into account.

Organize and Purge

Like most makeover projects, a significant portion of the work actually involves getting rid of clutter. This is also a great time to go through your closet and remove any unused coats, clothing and shoes.

Make Walls That Soothe

Giving your bedroom walls a fresh coat of paint is probably the cheapest and fastest way to change the overall character of the space. Choose a color that works with what you want in your bedroom – light and modern, warm and cozy, or bright and eclectic. There are countless colors to choose from and don’t be afraid to paint over a color that doesn’t work.

Consider Window Coverings

Window dressings can work magic in any bedroom. Start by deciding what window treatments you need then work your way from there. If you’re uncertain, white panels match with almost any style. If you need curtains that will block early morning light consider velvet or thick cotton in light covers.

Hang Some Art

Your bedroom is great for displaying works of art that mean a lot to you. Make the most of your wall space by hanging sculptures, paintings, silk rugs or kids’ drawings. Alternatively, choose one or two pieces you like the most for a clean, uncluttered look. There are no golden rules so feel free to fill up your walls with whatever you want.


A well-designed room will show by the type of lighting used. This means your bedroom should have just the right amount of light for the right time of day or night.

Bottom Line

Everything about your bedroom contributes to its overall look and feel. With these remodeling bedroom tips, you should be able to transform and redesign your room within no time.

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