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Why Should You Install Home Security Cameras

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 15 May 2019 08:27

Is a home security system essential and worth installing?

Home security cameras are a great addition to your home security system. They provide 24/7 access regardless of your distance and location giving you a way to check what is happening in your absence. Most cameras can only rotate and zoom to certain degrees making it necessary to install them in multiple places in your home.

Why you should install security cameras in your home

1.   To secure your home and property

The first reason is to protect yourself, your family and your property from burglary. In the United States, 325,000 homes are broken into every year!

2.   To protect you from fire

Most people are not aware of this, but your home security system can protect you from fire. Home fires are reported every 20 minutes which makes it crucial to have this additional security.

3.   Have someone else monitoring your home

You may not be able to watch your home all the time. Installing security cameras assures you that someone else is monitoring your home on your behalf. Whether you will be away on business or on vacation, having an extra pair of eyes paying attention to your property is essential.

4.   Provides your family with peace of mind

Installing home security cameras gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from devastating scenarios. Also, this peace of mind is invaluable when you need to check on an older adult living with you. Your security system can dispatch the necessary authority to assist an older adult in case of an emergency.

If you are thinking of installing home security cameras, here are the best home cameras to consider and the best places to fix them.

  • Front, back and side doors of your house

Burglars enter the house through the front door, back door, and side doors. Place the camera close by or above the doors leading to your home.

  • Windows that are not in plain sight

Off-street windows may be prone to break-ins dues to their privacy. Install exterior cameras above such windows or use interior cameras that face the window.

  • Install a camera on the driveway

Burglars may use your driveway or attempt to enter your house using your garage door. Having a camera above the driveway or near the garage can help detect suspicious activity.

  • Common areas in the home

Burglars will be tempted to search the house in specific areas such as the living room and master bedroom. Use cameras to keep an eye on these rooms.

  • Install cameras on the stairway

Stairways often lead to entryways such as basements and balconies. If your home is designed with a stairway, have cameras installed on the stairs.


Correct placement of cameras is critical. Have your cameras placed out of reach where they can’t be knocked down, destroyed or moved to face a different direction. Installing cameras in your home means that you do not have to ask your neighbor to watch your home when you are away. You can do it remotely and ask them to have a look at their convenience.

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