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How to Choose Windows

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 15 May 2019 12:35
How to Choose Windows How to Choose Windows How to Choose Windows

Window technology has improved over the past few years, and you should know what style of windows to go for if you want to upgrade. There are window styles that can help save energy, as well as keep your home insulated during the warm/cooler months. This is information meant for the homeowner who is unsure of how to choose windows. Use this step-by-step guide to get the best out of your purchase.

How to Choose Windows - Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Before you pick a window, it’s important to consider three different factors. You’ll want to determine the style of window you prefer, the frame material, as well the the type of glass your window will use.

Step 1: Pick a Window Style

Your windows are an important part of the outside appearance of your home. You have to consider how well your choice of design blends with the rest of the house. Use the outside of your home to determine what the windows should look like, so the current architectural styles do not clash with a newer one. For instance, colonial style homes use double hang windows. You could also use this timeless window design for ranch homes. Geometric windows can add to the design of the home and give it more character. Additional decorative elements like the grill design and glass can also make the windows stand out.

Step 2: Decide on a Frame Material

Maintenance is the main concern in this case as the material determines how the windows age over time. Vinyl is the most preferred material for windows since it stays in good condition with very little maintenance. Frames made from vinyl are also very customizable so you can have them in whatever design you find attractive for your home. Wooden windows look great on any design, but then you have to think about the maintenance that they require to look good even after years of service.

Step 3: The type of Glass You Intend to Use

This is the part of your window that has to do with energy saving. As you would expect, the low-quality windows built with low quality materials will not help you too much if you are looking to lower bills. A glass package that can save you energy should have the following components;

Double and Triple Pane Glass: Dual pane glasses are the standard used for replacement windows. The triple pane variety have more airspace which contributes to energy savings and sound proofing capabilities.

Krypton Gas: A gas that is filled between the two glass panes. It is an excellent choice when it comes to replacement windows.

Argon Gas: Odorless gas that is denser than air, and is filled into the panes of your window. It increases the thermal efficiency of your windows.

Low-e Glazing: It is the invisible coating on your window that is thinner than a hair. It can be applied from the inside or outside of the glass. The coating is used to reduce heat transfer around the home. It also allows sunlight in during the winter, keeping the home a bit warmer. These determine how much energy you are able to save through the windows you have


In Conclusion

Now you should have a better idea on how to choose windows, as this article can help guide you through the process. As you start choosing new windows for your home, consider the type of glass, the frame material, as well as the style of window too.

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