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Top Tips to finding the best Removals Company

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 15 May 2019 23:59

Moving as we all know can be stressful. Very stressful. Which is why many choose to turn to a removals company to make the process a lot more stress-free. There are mountains of removal companies out there all purporting to be ‘the best’ and this can leave us consumers uncertain of questions to ask to find which company best suits their individual needs.

From assessments to pricing and doing your homework on prospective removal companies, here’s some top tips to find the best removal company for you.

Have an assessment

Any reputable removals company should offer to pay you a visit (and this really should be free of charge) to survey the removal job and provide you with a set in stone quote. A removals survey gives the company a transparent view of what the job will entail so that there can’t be any surprises further down the road – and they can plan the removal effectively.

A typical assessment will look at the volume of belongings you have that need to be moved. It’s important here that you be honest with how many items you want moving to avoid a potential issue on moving day with items which aren’t accounted for in the initial assessment.

This will also give a removals company an idea on any access limitations at your address as they’ll need to park as close as they can to your property to easily retrieve items and load them up from your home.

Check reviews

Okay, so this should be a given, but checking for reviews should be absolutely paramount when choosing the best removals company for you. Go online and do your research on a company, find out what real people have said about their experience with the removal company in question and find out how their overall general experience was.

It can save you a lot of time, stress and money (and give you peace of mind) if you know the company that you’re going to be using has great feedback from others.

Make sure they’ve got the relevant insurance

We love our items and some may be extremely valuable to us – if not in monetary value then perhaps sentimental value. Ask the prospect removal company what level of insurance they have for your goods that’ll be in transit – this will make sure you’re covered if any items were to break.

This is extremely important because if the insurance isn’t there, you may have to source your own third party insurance to make sure you’re covered.


Ask the company how they’d like to be paid for the removal work. Almost all reputable removal companies will have a facility to accept credit or debit card as well as cash. Be extremely wary of removals companies that only accept cash in hand or a company that requests an enormous deposit.

Ask about extras

Some removals companies cover the whole spectrum of a move including things like providing you with packing boxes which could save you money on the overall move if you’re sourcing these separately. Ask a company if they provide such services as well as a packing service – it’s always good to have someone help you pack, especially if you have other things you need to attend to.

Delays policy

Most removals companies will charge an hourly rate and delays can mean that the money will keep piling up. Make sure to ask the company about their policy on delays, it can save you a lot of money and stress on moving day.

In summary

Do your research – we can recommend this company for home removals London – however, if you’re not in the London area, carry out the steps above to find the perfect moving partner for you and your family.

Happy moving!

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