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Appliance Tips and Tricks

Written by Posted On Thursday, 16 May 2019 11:11
Appliance Tips and Tricks Appliance Tips and Tricks Appliance Tips and Tricks

When it comes to appliances in your home, it’s important to ensure they are running properly. In order to help your appliances run efficiently, you need to perform routine maintenance and inspections to determine if anything needs to be fixed. Below are some appliance tips and tricks to follow.

Appliance Tips and Tricks - How to Maintain Appliances

You can significantly increase the life of your appliances by using them correctly. For instance, if you wash only dishwasher-safe dishes in your dishwasher, or putting the right load in your washing machine, you can prevent the effects of general wear and tear from appearing quickly. Another way to make your appliances last long is by scheduling regular maintenance, and repairs and closely paying attention to the performance of the appliances.

If you want to avoid expensive repair bills and replacement costs, here are three easy appliance maintenance tips and tricks you can use:

1. Check the Door Seal of Your Oven

If your oven has recently started taking a long time to cook food, then the reason could a faulty oven seal. Over time, the seal wears off, and this leads to nearly 20% of your oven's heat escaping. An oven that cannot maintain consistent temperatures might start undercooking food, burning baked goods or even over-cooking your favorite meats. In addition, 20% of heat loss can significantly increase your electricity bills. If your oven's seal is loose or damaged, open the oven's door and check if the rubber gasket at the edges of the door is broken or torn places. If you find issues, you may need to replace the oven seal.

2. Replace Filters

We often tend to forget to clean out or replace the filters in our appliances. If you let lint pile up in your dryer, or soap scum build up in your washing machines, it can be detrimental to both the appliance and your home. Worn out or dirty filters usually hinder your appliances' capability to do their job. You may think that the appliance is faulty but in most cases, the real reason for the poor performance is actually a dirty filter. If your refrigerator isn't performing as it should, remove the filters and clean out any soap, grime, or dirt that has accumulated through continuous use. And if need be, replace the filter entirely. This might seem expensive, but it'll save you the costs of replacing the entire appliance.

3. Replacing the Hoses of Your Washing Machine

Floods caused by the washing machine may be your worst nightmare. In fact, most home water damages are caused by a leak in a washing machine hose. Therefore, all homeowners should inspect the hoses of their washing machines at least once every year. If you have to continuously use your washing machine for more than a year, you need to check the water hose. To do this, simply remove the panel on the appliance and check for leaks or cracks in the hose. If there's a leak or crack in the hose, then you may need to replace it. You can get the hose at your local appliance repair shop, or from the shop where you bought the appliance.

To Summarize

These three appliance tips and tricks can save you a lot of money and make your appliances stand the test of time in good condition. You’ll have to replace filters and hoses, as well as inspect the performance of your appliances.   

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