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How to Calculate the Square Footage of your Summerville Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 20 May 2019 04:29

When I go on a listing appointment, I always ask the owners for the square footage of their home. If they are in a new home, it is an easy answer because the builder told them the square footage. However, in older homes or homes where the floor plan is long gone, the question arises, "How do you calculate the square footage of your Summerville home?"

How Do I Calculate the Square Footage of My Home?

When I was a new agent in the 1990's, my broker taught me how to measure a house. I had a large roll of measuring tape and would often physically measure the houses before I listed them to get the right square footage. But when you measure, you can't just measure the whole house and add it together! Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Height Requirements: Often owners are surprised to learn that the ceiling of  a room must be a certain height in order to qualify in the total square footage. According to ANSI’s American National Standard For Single-Family Residential Buildings, finished areas must have a ceiling height of at least seven feet, “except under beams, ducts, and other obstructions where the height may be six feet and four inches.”  Old Summerville homes for sale are famous for angled ceilings on the second floors, so what do we do with those?  According to the National Standard, angled ceilings, must measure seven feet for at least half of the room’s total floor area. So if your second floor ceiling is at least seven feet for at least half of your room, total square foot calculations would include every area where the ceiling is at least five feet tall.
  2. Garages: Garages are not included when you calculate your homes's total square footage.  But what if you finished your garage? It depends. In many homes, the garage isn't built on the same level as the rest of the property. Garages are typically at a slightly lower level than the rest of the property. Because they are "below grade" they do not meet national standards and can not be included.
  3. Protrusions: Protrusions are things like chimneys or windowsills and will not be included in a home’s square footage calculation. These features are not on the same level as the rest of the home(they are slightly elevated) and are not included.
  4. Finished Vs. Unfinished: If an area of your home is unfinished, it is not included in the total square footage. You can mention them and they will be of interest to future buyers as "potential space" but they can not factor into your overall numbers.
  5. Home Additions: Home additions often occur in older homes for sale in Summerville and may be included in a home’s square footage. However, this only works if they are completely finished, and connected to the home by a finished staircase or hallway.
  6. Attics: Attics have the benefit of being above grade and as a result have the potential to be included in a home’s square footage if they meet the height requirements and are finished.
  7. Covered, Enclosed Porches: Covered and enclosed porches can be included in the square footage of a home as long as they are finished and heated. So the famous southern screen porch is a major selling point, but does not increase your square footage!

Make sure when you list your home for sale in Summerville you are working with an agent who knows the ins and outs of marketing your home correctly and can help you accurately calculate the square footage of your Summerville home. This becomes very  important when you are pricing your home and figuring out what the price per square foot should be. (Read more at What is the Average Price per Square Foot in Summerville, SC?)

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