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Your Home Could Be Worth More Than That: Tips for Boosting the Value of Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 27 May 2019 09:57

Everyone dreams of owning a home. It’s poised as the best thing you could ever do, and you can finally relax once you pay off the mortgage. However, there’s one thing they don’t tell you upfront: after buying your home, you must work on keeping it in the best shape. While the value of property is expected to increase with time, your home’s value could deteriorate with time, and you will be shocked the next time you ask property valuers to do a valuation of your home.

Since everyone wants the value of their property to rise should they want to sell off the property or access a loan, we’ll tell you how you can improve the value of your home.

·         Plan a remodel

Whether you’ve lived in that house for years or you just bought it, you will only improve its value with a remodeling plan. House remodels do not come cheap, and you cannot start remodeling your home on impulse. So, think of the remodeling plan as a marathon and not a sprint. Understand the house and listen to all its needs. Make a list and categorize the items by cost (time and money). Keep the costs realistic.

If you’re planning on selling, keep your realtor in the loop – they need to make selling plans.

·         Make small improvements

A small improvement, such as a change in décor, is a lot more effective in enhancing the overall value of your home. And you will increase your home’s resale value significantly if you improve the décor and make other small upgrades.

Upgrades include the replacement of faucets, changing the lighting, doors, furniture, window treatments, artwork, and kitchen appliances. A lamp or an upgrade of your electric plugs will create a huge change.

·         Keep your home clean

A clean house with perfectly manicured lawns is bright, sparkly, and attractive to buyers. A dirty, run down house is not appealing, and it will have a low value. So make cleaning a priority. Stay on top of maintenance, spot the potential problems, and don’t allow the buildup of junk or dirt. Mold is a nuisance no one wants to buy a moldy home.

Remember that decluttering is more like cleaning and removing clutter/ junk leaves you with a clean and healthy home. You might not plan to sell your home today, but the little effort you put into cleaning it today will increase the property’s value in the future.

·         Upgrade your kitchen

Most of the time, home buyers will decide whether to buy a house or not, depending on the state of the kitchen. Some of the things you could do include a mini-remodel involving a change in the paint color or changing the finish on the cabinets. You could also add a splash of color to the backsplash or change the skin. These changes might not change the taste of your Omega IGF chicken, but they will boost the value of your home.

·         Work on the bathroom

After the kitchen, work on a bathroom upgrade focusing on the faucets, the countertops, and the bath area. You could also install heated floors. Don’t forget to fix the overhead lighting and keep that bathroom clean.

The other things you could do include:

·         Upgrading the central heating and adding insulation

·         Solve all structural problems like collapsed floor slabs

·         Replace windows

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