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How to increase the value of your house before selling it?

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You can boost the value of your home or property easily through home renovations, redecoration and remodeling projects. These can include anything from electrical energy-saving improvements to the patching up of peeling exterior paint jobs. Of course, not all houses are created equal, and there may be more glaring issues with a house that will need some care to improve their value. Some projects — such as extensions and conversions — are guaranteed to add value to your home (space, after all, is key), but will cost much more than smaller and simpler low-budget jobs. With that said, this guide looks at general ways to improve and increase the price of your property by making it appeal to both estate agents and potential buyers. It is always best to consult with an estate agent or expert before taking on a project, as they'll be able to guide an estimate of what upgrades should make your home more attractive on the market.

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1. Improving energy efficiency

Energy saving features are among the most attractive for modern buyers, especially when it comes to period properties that are notoriously difficult to upkeep. You can talk to a handyman about small steps like sealing drafts, adding insulation and replacing windows with double or triple glazing. However, you may also want to think about updating your house with central heating. Central heating is a real boon for buyers and can add more value than it costs to install.


2. Bolstering the garden space

Proper maintenance care for your garden space is a must when you are selling your home for a good price. In particular, more foliage like trees can increase your property's visual appeal, doubling up as a windbreaker and aiding in privacy. A well-kept garden is sure to add extra appeal and value, especially when it comes to adequate fencing, patio and paving. The more natural, the better; artificial grass is known to deter potential buyers.


3. Upgrading old electricals

Updating your house's electricals, including wiring and plumbing work, can be quite a disruptive job which may involve serious floor and wall work. This is ideally done before any of your cosmetic improvements. Updating electrics, whether a total rewire or installing extra sockets, is known to attract new buyers, and good plumbing (such as a pressurised system) can be a real boon. You could even keep it simple by improving your dated lighting with modern fittings.


4. Revamping and re-decorating with simple DIY solutions

There are many simple DIY and redecorating choices that can be made to improve your home's value without the need for a permit or permission, either by yourself or with a handyman. These include painting and wallpapering for a better room aesthetic, fixing up peeling exterior paint, installing more attractive flooring, replacing or modifying bathrooms and undergoing new countertop installation in the kitchen or work areas. These simple DIY projects will help entice new buyers. You can utilise an electrician here for minor electrical repairs.


5. Extensions and conversions

The costliest and, arguably, one of the best ways to improve property value, is to create new space through extensions and conversions. These may require a significant outlay but will add plenty of value in the long run. Loft conversions are among the most popular, installing additional accommodation space and a potential en-suite bathroom. Additionally, extensions are guaranteed to add value, but they come with the need for planning permission and approval. You’re best consulting an expert as to the value and necessity of either an extension or conversion - but expect upwards of 10%+ in added value.

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