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What Does a Pool Pump Do

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 12 June 2019 13:41

What does a pool pump do? In general terms, a pool pump provides all the driving force in the pool. This essential function revolves around moving water through the filters for filtration or separating debris from the water and then sending the filtered water back to the pool. Sometimes you may not have seen this pump since it is enclosed in its housing. Sometimes it is also referred to as the heart of the pool because it is the source of the circulation of water through the pool just like a typical human heart.

What Does a Pool Pump Do - Common Questions Answered


What is this pump made of?


All types of pools have pool pumps. A typical pool pump can also be termed as the ordinary electric pump and is made up of a rotor that makes an impeller spin at high speed thus sucking water from the pool through the filter and then pushing it back to the pool. All this machinery is housed in the pump casing which also has ventilation for cooling the pump. The pump is usually kept in a pump house where piping is made or water to flow to and from the pool.


How is the filtration done?


When the pump is switched on, it sucks dirty water from the pool via the inlet pipe. The filter is typically a tank, and the filtering material is well-selected sand. When the dirty water passes through this tank, water seeps down through sand by drainage and gravity. The dirt from the pool water gets trapped in the sand while the cleaned water flows to the outlet pipe back to the pool.


Does the filter get full?


Yes. After some time, it is necessary to do a backwash on the filter to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated in the sand filter. Pressure change transducers determine the time for backwash. When the input pipe’s pressure rises high above that of the output, it means dirt has accumulated and is straining the entry of water.


Backwashing is done by opening the drainage pipe and closing the outlet pipe, reversing some valves that direct the flow and then switching on the pump. It causes water to flow in the opposite direction in the sand filter, causing it to flush out the dirt and debris that had accumulated in the filter. The water is allowed to flow in this direction for a reasonable amount of time until no more dirt can be traced and the filter is cleaned just like that! The attendant should return the valves to the original state and allow water to continue flowing into the tap.


When should the pump be used?


If you have recently built your pool and are wondering when a pool pump should be used it is recommended that the pump runs daily for an average of 30 minutes to 6 hours. But usage of the pump greatly depends on the amount of dirt that may be accumulating in the pool water. For example, the more people use the pool, and the pump is likely to be run for longer times as compared to when not so many people are using the pool.


Do we cater for lost water?


Yes. It is necessary that the pump system is supplied to a reservoir tank to cater for water lost when backwashing and vaporization. The reservoir tank here can be a municipal water supply, and this is why a pool pump is the heart of circulation and cleaning of a pool. Hopefully, you now understand the basics of what does a pool pump do.

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