Challenges Faced While Painting a High Rise Building

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The biggest challenge one faces when painting a high rise building is the ability to reach great heights for the purpose of working on the exterior. Rope access painting in Sydney is a popular technique for accessing high rise buildings. There are also several alternative techniques used to access great heights, that includes making use of cranes and the scaffolding techniques. These alternative techniques are more expensive and also require greater efforts and may not result in the same paint quality either.

Rope access painting in Sydney does not involve the use of any type of machinery small or big. It helps serve the main purpose of painting a building is to improve aesthesis and protect it as well. This article goes on to describe common challenges ones face when attempting to paint high buildings and also the benefits of rope access painting technique.

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Common Challenges Faced


Here are some of few common problems one faces when dealing with heights:

  • Painting a high building means having to be able to overcome the fear of heights.
  • There is a higher level of pollution at greater heights as well.
  • Painters not only need to deal with their own safety but also the safety of passers-by.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to detail when painting high buildings since they are visible from a distance. This is a challenge since high rise buildings are hard to access.
  • Safety of the painters and all crew members needs to be considered.
  • It is difficult to maintain communication at such great heights as well amongst the crew members.
  • The effects of extreme weather are greater such heights. For example, bad weather like sleet, rain, ice, etc. can put the abseiling painter at risk.
  • Painters with a special skill set are required to be able to paint high rise buildings.
  • A firm offering such services needs to maintain their cabling infrastructure, fibre optics and other instruments. All this equipment needs to be flawless since it is to be used at great heights.
  • There are several other hazards to look out for like fire safety, rope cuts due to sharp objects or wear and tear, weather, etc.
  • In case of a painting mistake; it is harder to reach the section with the mistake to correct the painting error.


Benefits of Using Rope access painting in Sydney

There are several methods of painting a high building as already addressed in this article however; there are many advantages of using the rope access method. Here is a list of advantages for rope access painting:

  • Versatile Access: The rope access method is very effective when accessing hard to reach places at great heights.

  • Cost Effective: This is more cost effective as compared to alternative techniques like scaffolding or access by means of a crane.

  • Less time consuming: This method requires lesser equipment, space and is also faster. It helps reduce the cost of the overall job.

  • Low Environmental Impact: This technique makes use of ropes hence there is a minimal environmental impact when implementing this technique.

  • Safe: This type of access method is safe as compared to the alternate options like crane access or scaffolding.

  • Flexible Access: This allows a painter, greater level of flexibility since it does not require an elaborate setup. In case of bad weather, it is easy to reschedule the job and set up it up at another time.

  • Minimal Equipment: This method does not require a great deal of equipment. The alternative methods like crane access or scaffolding not only require plenty of equipment, but it is also time-consuming and hard to set-up.
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