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3 Repairs to Make Before Listing Your Home for Extra Value

Written by Posted On Monday, 24 June 2019 07:09

When it comes to listing your home for sale, it can be easy to overlook a few of the simplest repairs to make, such as metal roof repair, for instance, prior to doing so. Unfortunately, skipping such a crucial step can mean that you will be missing out on listing your home for extra added value, thereby causing you to miss out on making extra money as a result.

Here are three of the most important repairs that you should consider making to your home before taking the step of listing it in order to ensure that you will be able to obtain extra value for it.


This is perhaps one of the easiest and cheapest repairs to make to your home prior to listing it for sale, and the best part is that you can perform the job yourself rather than spending the money to hire a professional painter. In terms of which specific colors to use, buyers tend to go for homes that contain more neutral and lighter hues, as they find these particular hues more appealing. While, in the long run, the final decision is yours regarding which colors to use for painting, you also never know exactly who will come through your door to view your home for an open house, so it’s always a good idea to keep the colors as primary as possible. Additionally, if you have any wallpaper in your home, consider removing it and replacing it with paint.


Take the time to look over the lighting in all areas of your home. If you notice that your fixtures are outdated, consider replacing them with newer ones. Furthermore, ensure that your home also contains energy efficient light bulbs rather than the now-obsolete incandescent bulbs, as the energy efficient bulbs are designed to help save money on your energy bills. Another useful tip is to replace any heavy, dark-colored drapes in favor of lighter ones for your windows, as this will enable more natural light to enter the home.

Hardwood Flooring

This type of flooring is considered to be one of the most popular types of flooring selections in a home, according to many buyers. If your home contains this, then this means that prior to listing it, you will want to ensure that they look their absolute best. Performing a task as simple as refinishing the floors themselves will not only make them look amazing, but it will also allow for an amazing return on their overall investment as well.

These are only a select few of the many different repairs that should be made prior to listing your home for sale. The repairs that need to be made will ultimately depend on the overall condition of the home itself; however, taking the time to complete the repairs will ensure that you are able to obtain the full value of your home when you sell it.

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