A Sound System Might Increase the Value of Your Home

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Nowadays, consumers are increasingly expecting a smart home equipped with wifi enabled devices, from refrigerators, to TVs, thermostats, and even audio systems.

As a music lover, I installed a Sonos sound system several years ago and the whole family absolutely loves it. It was a relatively painless process that involved no drilling or additional construction. I simply added a soundbar to enhance the TV audio, a subwoofer, and several wirelessly connected speakers throughout the house.

Now, we can listen to music in the basement, patio, bedroom, and even the bathroom! It’s perfect for entertaining guests or for you and the family as well. I can’t necessarily directly quantify the financial impact that it has had on the appreciation of our home so I’ll use proxy measures.

Effect of a Sound System on Home Value

Look, adding a wireless speaker system that can be controlled via remote is great. We enjoy direct benefits from it. At the same time, it’s not as if there’s a direct benefit to a potential home owner equivalent to say, adding a new bathroom or finished basement.

That said, when it came time to sell our house, when people heard and saw our surround sound speaker system, they were very impressed. We had a home theater system, wireless speakers throughout the house, and a projector in the basement.

It could be the difference maker between to very similar properties a buyer is considering as the buyers (one of them a classically trained pianist and music super aficionado) were impressed. Dont believe me? I’d like to say that our sound system helped close the deal. Check out this Ny Times article or Lifehacker article.

Why Have A Great Sound System?

To sum up, there are two major reasons:

1.Audio Heaven - First and foremost, the ability to play music, watch TV, or enjoy movies in surround sound is awesome. It’s great for games, entertaining guests on your backyard patio, or just relaxing while reading a book.

 2.Increasing Home Value – Potential buyers increasingly like smart homes and those that are equipped with wifi enabled appliances, wireless speaker systems, or other luxury items are well sought after.

 Look, I’m not saying that our sound system is the reason we sold our house relatively quickly. We’re in a great location, have a finished basement, new appliances, a modern kitchen with all sort of cookware, all sorts of digital devices throughout the house and a great broker.

That said, I’m glad we made the relatively small investment in a soundbar and wireless speaker system throughout the house. Of course, it was only a minor factor in selling our house quickly, but we enjoyed great sound for music and movies, and the new buyers will too.

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