Do You Need a Fire Watch Guard for Home Renovations?

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Do You Need a Fire Watch Guard for Home Renovations?

Renovations and constructions poses a lot of danger zones and risks to your home and family. Having a fire watch guard around while the renovations are ongoing can ensure that your family is safe from harm and that the rest of your house will remain in good condition. But is it too much to hire the service of one?

Why You Need A Fire Watch Guard

When it comes to the safety of your family and your home, no expense is too much. In fact, some states require the services of a fire watch-guard during construction – especially if there is hot work involved such as welding. Failure to do so can result in the government putting the construction to a halt and the building owner will have to pay fines. Why should you not exercise the same precautions during home renovations? Properties and constructions are at high risk for ignition and fire can always start from simple accidents or a spark landing in a flammable area. Having a fire watch guard to oversee the renovation area and make sure that the area is safe gives you peace of mind that the home you spent so much time and memories on will be safe and that your family members will be out of harm’s way.

Renovation Fire Hazards In Your Home

Electric Tools

Electronic equipment causes a lot of home fires. Renovations means that you are using electronics and machines and sometimes when you have limited outlets, it can not be avoided that an extension cord will be overloaded. Sometimes the electric tools might be used carelessly – some devices can melt wire insulation and this can somehow cost a fire. Other situations can be hidden electrical shorts, oversized fixtures, and bad connections.

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are a potential fire hazard – especially if the protective doors are missing. Rags or clothes or chemicals that are situated too close to a gas water heater always have the potential to ignite when the gas water heater is turned on.


When renovating and there is sawdust around, you need to make sure that there are no hot works going on in the area such as welding or electrical wiring. Sawdust is very combustible and it only takes a short spark from hot work, metal objects colliding, or chemicals to quickly ignite it.

Loose Outlets

Working with electrical tools can sometimes require constant movement and this can loosen the electrical outlets or wires connected to the outlet. When this happens, it can cause dangerous arcing.


Are you the type who leave their batteries lying around or in a junk drawer? You should be more conscious about where you place your batteries whether they are new or already spent out. When batteries are gathered with other metals, this could cause sparks and start a fire. It is better to keep your batteries in their packages or keep the ends covered with tape. These cases usually happen with a 9-volt battery.

Dust Bunnies

There is a reason why you should clean regularly. Dust bunnies are flammable and can ignite a fire with just one spark. This is why it is important to make sure that all your electrical sockets, heaters, and anything that heats up is free from dust bunnies.


Smoking during renovations is a big no-no especially if you are surrounded in an area with flammable liquids or chemicals like a kitchen, bathroom, or a garage.

With a fire watch guard around, all these hazards can be spotted out and handled immediately before anything happens. It is a good investment to make sure that your renovations go smoothly and safely. Looking for a fire watch? You can browse this site for more information on fire watch guard.

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