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Garage Door Dent Solutions

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 July 2019 13:11

Large dents in a garage door might need a replacement. It is not always possible to fix or repair a large dent. But when there is a small dent, you can easily fix it on your own without visiting a technician. A small dent might not cause a major problem. It will not create any functionality issue as well. But yes, it will affect the curb appeal of your home. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, then you will not get the deserving price. Small dents will create a negative impression. Your potential buyers might think that you have some other issues in your home. Avoid all these speculations by considering the following garage door dent solutions. 

Garage Door Dent Solutions - Two Methods

How to Fix Garage Door Dents

You can easily fix it. The process is simple and less time-consuming. Even if you do not have any experience or expertise, you can fix your garage door dents without any help. To fix the dents, you will need some materials. Most probably, all the materials will be available around your home. There are many ways to fix garage door dents. Here are two easy ways that can be followed by any.

Method One

For this fixing method, you will need a rubber mallet, a wooden block, fine-grit sandpaper, putty knife, patching material, primer, and paint. Get all these things ready and then follow the steps mentioned below to fix your garage door dents.

  • Take warm water and then wash the area properly. Use detergent to get a thorough cleaning and  then allow it to dry up completely 

  •  Take the wood block and then place it over your garage door dent. Tap  the woodblock using a mallet to even the garage door dent

  •  Use the  sandpaper to even  the area 

  •  Now take the patching material and use it to fully cover the dented area. You will have to use a putty knife to even the patching material.  Allow it dry up and then you can use sandpaper to even the area

  • Once it is done, take the primer and apply it. After it dried up, paint your garage door dents

This method is easy to follow and effective. You do not need any specific tool and skill to achieve the end result.

Method Two

For method two, you will need aluminum foil, a heat source, and compressed air.

  • Use warm water and detergent to wash the area  and let it dry up completely

  •  Take a strip of aluminum and put it over the dent

  •  Use the heat source to heat up  the foil

  • Do it for a minute and then remove the foil. Spray your garage door dent using the compressed air for around thirty seconds.

Final Words

Both these garage door dent solutions are easy to implement. They will not demand much time as well. You can use these methods to fix small garage door dents. But when the dent is stubborn and large, these methods might not help much. In those conditions, it is better to hire professionals. When renovating your garage to remove dents, make sure you insulate it properly and take the proper safety measures.

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