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How We Make an Offer - Infographic

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 July 2019 15:30

So, most of what I do is work with homeowners who can't sell their house traditionally for a wide range of reasons.  Really, the process isn't that different than a traditional sale, I just have to back out all of the costs ahead of time instead of at close.  I used to do more complicated math but once I started running the numbers I realized that the "industry standards" really did apply.  Imagine that!

Even though it's a simple formula I still have a hard time explaining it sometimes so I made a handy infographic to explain it all.  Obviously, it's a little simplified but I think it get's the point across.  If anybody has any input feel free to reach out and feel free to use it, just do me a favor and credit my site, Liberty Home Buyers.

Thanks and take care!

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Dominic Mauro

I am an experienced home buyer based Texas, working primarily in Bell County.  I buy single family homes for rehab, rental and owner finance.  It is my personal goal to help homeowners, investors and landlords make the best financial decisions for their portfolio and personal finances.

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