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Top 5 Best Places to Retire in the UK

Written by Posted On Thursday, 11 July 2019 22:58

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when we feel that we’ve done enough for our careers and start considering retirement. Once you start planning for your retirement, the place to retire in will surely be among the top of your priorities.

There are several factors to consider in choosing a place of retirement. Most people take into account the place’s environmental features and overall cost of living. Retirees have a relatively limited budget after quitting the workforce, so living in a place where food, transportation and housing are all wallet-friendly is an absolute plus. In this article, we will try to make your planning easier by listing down some of the most recommended places to retire in the UK.


York is one of the most popular retirement places in the UK. People choose to spend their retired days here because there’s no shortage of things to do - there are plenty of cultural heritage sites to visit, the city life is always active and there’s also The Shambles, a well-known shopping street for everything you might need. Despite York’s high tourism numbers, it is mostly quiet and free of traffic, thanks to the local government’s strict observation of regulations. If you wish to retire somewhere with a perfect mix of peace and liveliness, you might enjoy York.


Another popular retirement spot is Devon, home to several scenic views thanks to its convenient location along the coastline. The rural charms of Devon draw a lot of retirees who wish to hang out in its beautiful beaches and just enjoy the beauty of nature. While Devon isn’t the most affordable location to retire in, it’s well worth the added expenses if you are looking for that relaxing, countryside ambience.


There are several locations in Norfolk fit for retirement, although they differ on what each has to offer. For instance, port city Wells-next-the-Sea is famous for plenty of white, pristine and sandy beaches perfect for leisurely visits. Hethersett, a designated green village south of the county, is a great fit for environmental warriors who still want to be active in protecting Mother Nature. Norfolk is perfect for people who want to trade away the city life for a great combination of nature’s scenery and serenity.


Full of beautiful parks, lively seaside villages and easy trails, Swansea is an ideal retirement place for fans of nature and wildlife. The city is abundant in picturesque locations, great for relaxing strolls and family picnics. Swansea also offers a number of museums for people interested in discovering the city’s rich maritime history and paintings, as well as famed writer Dylan Thomas’s very own education centre displaying his life’s entire work.


Scotland’s seaside towns and attractive topography make a wonderful place for retirees aiming to keep an active social life while still enjoying a tranquil, nature-rich environment. Its capital, Edinburgh, has even been named as the top place to live and retire in back in 2018. The reasonable cost of living in the city is a major draw for retirees, as are the many iconic events and local attractions that take place in Edinburgh every year. The flats in Edinburgh are not as budget-friendly as other rentable units across Scotland, but your stay will surely be worry-free as the city boasts of being the safest city in the entire UK, with a recent study showing almost 90% of the population feeling secure and protected.

Retirement is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation, free from stress and negative vibes. A lot of retirees even pick up new hobbies and interests during this time. Making sure that you pick the proper place of retirement can spell a huge difference in how you get to live your post-working years.

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