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Housewarming Shower for a New Homeowner

Written by Posted On Friday, 12 July 2019 10:05
Someone has a new home? Give them a housewarming shower! Someone has a new home? Give them a housewarming shower!

Do you know a new homeowner? Mark the occasion of their real estate closing in style. Throw them a party—a shower of sorts. Give them some of the best housewarming gifts—your kind gesture will be appreciated!

Buying a home is an expensive endeavor. From paying out that first check for earnest money with the offer to the thousands in dollars the new homeowners spent on closing costs, the price of home ownership escalates faster than they could have imagined.

At times, this leaves new owners strapped for cash with barely enough money left to move in and purchase furniture.

Yes, a party complete with housewarming gifts is the perfect way to celebrate!

But, what to get the recipient?

Pampering Items

First, the owner will be focusing on practical items that the family needs just to get set into a routine. While they are purchasing mundane things that they need for day to day life, they are likely sacrificing the luxuries of life.

Here are some luxury items that they will be happy to receive:

Essential Oils Gift Set

Essential oils are all the rage, and the therapeutic benefits can help the homeowner unwind during the stress of unpacking and settling. If the homeowner has been feeling overwhelmed throughout the home buying and moving process, this can be a welcome relief!

Foot Spa

A move takes a physical toll on the body. The continual “pounding the pavement” during a move-in can cause tired, achy feet. An electric foot spa will invite the new homeowner to take a few minutes, give their tootsies a relaxing soak, and enjoy some much needed “me time.”

Scented Candles

If you don’t know the new homeowner quite that well, or you are on a tight budget, give them a lush scented candle. If you are crafty by nature, you can even make candles yourself!


If the new homeowner just moved from an apartment into a first home, they probably don’t have many tools—and boy, will they need them soon!

From hanging photos to performing home maintenance, a new homeowner needs more than just the basics.

Power Drill Set

Does the person have a hand drill and screwdrivers? They can get their move-in tasks accomplished much faster with a power drill set. It’s a very thoughtful gift that they will use for many years to come.

Specialty Tools

If the new homeowner is gifted and enthusiastic about DIY, then give them one of their dream tools. Whether that means a lathe for a woodworker to turn table legs or gifting a MIG welder to a metalworker to create sculptures, this is an extravagance they are unlikely to indulge in when they are strapped for cash after a home purchase.

Kitchen Wares

With those basics the new homeowner is spending, they are likely to purchase new dishware and daily use items.

But how about those higher ticket items that they’d love to have but can’t afford…at least not right now?

Some ideas:

  • Digital pressure cooker to help them get meals served quickly and affordably.
  • Masticating juicer for serving up delicious and healthy smoothies.
  • Pampered Chef Rockcrok cookware that goes from freezer to oven or stovetop safely.

Sound pricey? Chip in with some of their other friends, co-workers, or family members to give them a real splurge!

Hosting the Party

If it’s possible to host the party at the new abode, that’s great! However, remember that your friend might feel exhausted from the home shopping and moving process. It’s okay to host the party at your home, a restaurant, or even an outdoor picnic at a local park (which takes the pressure of a housecleaning off of everyone).

Keep the food simple and easy. Remember that you are honoring a milestone and celebrating that new home purchase.

Recap and Final Thoughts on Hosting a Housewarming Party for New Homeowners

So, let’s give a recap.

  1. Mark the occasion of a home purchase by treating your friend or family member to a housewarming “shower.”
  2. First-time homeowners especially appreciate this gesture.
  3. Their funds are tight after their move, and this is your chance to “treat” them.
  4. Spend your money on the luxuries they aren’t likely to purchase.
  5. Keep the party simple, fun, and no-pressure.

Housewarming parties thrown by the new homeowner themselves used to be the norm, but they are becoming rare. Don’t wait for the invite! Instead, throw them a housewarming party and show them how much you care about their happiness in the new house.

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