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How Long Should Air Conditioner Run to Cool House

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 16 July 2019 10:55
How Long Should Air Conditioner Run to Cool House How Long Should Air Conditioner Run to Cool House How Long Should Air Conditioner Run to Cool House

As the summer is approaching, the heat is getting stronger and stronger. To cope up with this scorching heat and hot weather, the best way is to use the air conditioner. With the rising temperature, the room may take a longer time to cool down. This will need more energy to function. The most common question that many people ask about air conditioner is - how long should air conditioner run to cool house? 

How Long Should Air Conditioner Run to Cool House - Prevent Your Home from Warming Up

The time taken by the air conditioning unit to cool down your house depends on many factors. These can be the size of the home, whether or not your home is insulated and the outside temperature.

Time it Takes to Cool Down Your Home

A properly functional air conditioner can cool down a moderate home with four bedrooms by 10 degree Fahrenheit in approximately 3 hours. The cooling power of air conditioning systems mostly depends on the capacity, size, age and power of the a/c unit type you have in your home. Typically, it will take more or less an hour or so to be noticeably cooler. 

If you notice that your air conditioner is running continuously without reaching the temperature set for it, then there can be a problem with your unit. However, there are a few important things that you can do to make it better when maintaining your a/c. These include:

1 - Routinely change the air filters. This is because the dirt and debris on your filters will restrict the flow or air. Hence, it will prevent the system from effective cooling.

2 - Check whether or not there are any leaks in the air ducts. According to the estimation, about 20 to 30% of the conditioned air is always wasted through these leaks in the ducts.

3 - It is better to have a complete checkup of the refrigerant levels by a certified HVAC technician. Often the lower level of refrigerant can prevent the AC to effectively cool down your home removing the heat. 

4 - Make sure that the size of your air conditioning system is perfect for cooling down the entire home. If the air conditioner is too small for the home, then it will consume more energy by running longer and not cool as efficiently.

Calling a Professional

If your air conditioning system is not helping your home to cool down within an hour or so, then calling a professional HVAC technician is the best idea. The HVAC technician can assess whether or not the system is working properly and everything is in the right condition. Even an experienced technician can help you to assess the right size and capacity required for your home size. 


So, you should now have a better idea when it comes to how long should air conditioner run to cool house. With proper size and perfect condition of the filter and refrigerant components, the system will run and operate smoothly. You will get a noticeable drop in temperature in an hour or so.

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