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Rats in Attic at Night

Written by Posted On Friday, 19 July 2019 12:52

If you are living in Florida, then having rats in attic at night is a common thing. There are many ways by which they can enter into your attic. Once they are in your attic or home, these mice can be a real problem. Some of the common problems are scratching in the attic, scratching on walls, leaving droppings everywhere and gnawing on the electrical wires. Besides these, another major concern is the health risk. For all these, people want to keep these nuisance rodents out of their home or remove them. If you have rats in your attic at night, then you have to know how to get rid of them.

Rats in Attic at Night - Steps to Take Remove Rats

Here are some of the steps that you have to follow for getting the rats out from your attic and control pest problems:

  1. Firstly, you have to inspect the entire house, including the open holes, attics, and gaps. These are the most important events from which the rats can enter into your house. They can even live inside the ceiling or walls. 

So, you have to seal up all the entry holes and gaps using steel. The rats cannot chew the steel and thus they cannot enter through it. You can use a sealant for blocking off the airflow completely. This will discourage the rats from trying to enter.

Once every hole or gap is sealed, you have to now trap the rats present inside your house and remove them. There are some best types of trap that you can use. Use the ones that can function properly in removing all the rats successfully.

Keep on trapping the rats unless and until you do not hear any more sounds in the walls or in your attic. That is how you will know that the rats are completely gone.

After that, you have to clean up the attic space for good. If there are a lot of items stored or cluttered in your attic, then cleaning them up will help you.

After the rats left the place or you have removed them, it is important to clean up the place because the rat will leave a lot of nuisance behind. You will see a ton of droppings here and thereby the rats which look quite similar to that of grains of rice but thick and brown. They can also leave behind chew and scratch marks everywhere. Also, you can find pieces of papers and cardboards that the rats gnaw on. Cleaning all these messes can be hectic after the rats are removed.

Bottom line

Though rats do not possess any such threat to your life, it can spread germs and diseases. Also, it can damage a lot of things in your houses such as furniture, walls, flooring and electrical wire. You need to make sure that the rats are removed completely from your home if you hear rats in attic at night. Also, cover all the entry ways through holes and gaps. This can effectively prevent the rats from entering your house or attics.

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