Telebooms, Booms, and Jibs, How Do They Work - What to look for with each type

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For years lifting and moving heavy material such as trusses was reserved for such machines as cranes or telehandlers. Now with skid steers getting larger and more powerful, you can easily add a boom or jib attachment to your machine and have another use for your skid steer.

There are a few different styles of skid steer boom and jib attachments. The first one we should cover is the tree boom or lift boom. This boom is typically around 6 ft in length. A well-built tree boom should lift around 3500 lbs. This boom is perfect for applications such as transporting nursery stock, unloading attachments from a trailer, or placing and removing concrete forms. 

The next unit to cover is the Skid Steer Truss Jib attachment. This attachment gets its name for looking like a truss. These are typically available in 6ft, 9ft or 12 feet models. The longer they are the less lifting capacity they offer. A well-engineered 12ft model should have a lifting capacity of around 1000 lbs. The truss jib works well around the jobsite in such applications as lifting trusses into place or moving equipment such as generators around the job site.

One of my favorite lifting attachments is the skid steer Industrial Jib. This jib attachment telescopes from 5ft to 8ft. It has multiple telescoping positions. Usually there is around 7 positions. This gives the operator different load ratings to choose from. This allows for more lifting applications. You can dial in the length for safer lifting and eliminate the potential of tipping your machine with to heavy of a load.

Lastly, there are fork mounted jibs. What makes the fork mounted option especially nice is the ability to use it with any machine that has pallet forks. You do not have to have adapters or specific mounts for it to fit as long as you have pallet forks for that machine. That means if you have a skid steer, wheel loader, tractor, forklift or telehander, you can use this attachment. Again, this attachment has up to 9 different length positions to choose from. To change the length, simply pull out the heavy-duty cotter pin adjust the position and re-insert the pin. Lifting capacity for this unit typically goes up to 6000 lbs. at the smallest length. The last position typically can reach as high as 12 ft.

When determining which jib is right for you, make sure you know the lifting capacity and length. You will want to ask about reinforcement, and whether it meets ANSI and OSHA standards. Make sure to buy from a reputable company, preferably made in the USA with USA steel.

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