Safe and Easy Roof Repairing Tips Every Home Owner Must Know

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Most homeowners will have to do minor repairs on their roof at some point. Some of these may require the assistance of professional roofers. Others can be done quickly and safely with a few common household tools.  

It is important to follow safety guidelines whenever you are repairing your roof. If you do not feel competent, contact a reputable roof repairing company. They can assess the damage and develop a solution so that your residence feels comfortable and secure. 

Repairing Leaking Skylights

Skylights are an attractive feature in many homes. They add to the sense of relaxation but may make you feel stressed if they start leaking. Leaks may even result in moisture damage to your residence. It is important to prevent the growth of mold and mildew by quickly fixing the roof. 

Find the Source

Sometimes leaks are not coming from your skylight. They may be from an area on your roof above the skylight. Condensation may also cause moisture which may give result in moisture. Check the area carefully.  

Remove debris such as leaves. Use a flashlight to examine the outside for gaps or flashing. If necessary, use water from your garden hose to find the exact point at which water is entering your house. A roof repair specialist can assist with this process. Seal the Gap Once you find the location of the gap, seal it. Roofing cement works well on holes in the flashing. Silicone caulk can be used on holes around the lens. If necessary, the metal flashing can be removed and replaced. 

Replacing Shingles

Shingles can be damaged by several environmental factors. If a few shingles become damaged, you may decide to replace them on your own. Follow these steps to safely remove and replace shingles:

1. Find shingles that match the style and color of the ones you already have.

2. Remove the damaged shingles by using a putty knife to remove the seal.

3. Install new underlayment such as felt paper or base mat to provide water resistance. 

4. Use a caulking gun to secure the new shingles by using adhesives like roof cement made specifically for shingles

5. You may also use nails made for shingles to keep shingles in place. 

Patching Holes in A Flat Roof

A flat roof should be checked for cracks or other signs of wear. If you have a flat roof, it is probably made of one of the following: Asphalt PVC Rubber, Some other synthetic material.  A flat roof can usually be patched with adhesives, caulk or bitumen. Adhesive patches work well on rubber membranes. Caulk or bitumen can be used to reseal an asphalt roof. Regular patching keeps any cracks from developing further. 

Always Work Safely

Your safety is a priority. Protecting yourself starts with how you are dressed when you go up on your roof. Always wear shoes that have rubber soles and give you good traction, preventing you from slipping. Sweep off dirt and debris that might cause slips. Make sure you are properly trained to use any power tools you have in mind. Take the proper precautions when you are handling hazardous sealants and other substances. Check the weather forecast and only start jobs after the morning dew has totally evaporated. 

Determine When You Need Professional Help

Many roof repair jobs can be done on your own. However, sometimes a job that looks like a simple case of patching or removing a few shingles requires more extensive work. Some jobs may be unsafe for you to handle alone. Make sure that a thorough assessment is done before you take on a task. If you realize that a job may be too challenging on your own, contact a professional roofer team to help. There are lots of roofing companies in Toronto. Simply google them by Best Toronto roofers or Roof repair Toronto & you’ll get lots of roofing companies in front of you. Look at the company profile & reviews. Hire the best one within your budget. That’s all!

Do Regular Inspections

Your roof can develop damage due to normal wear and tear. It is important to do regular checks to ensure that you have not missed a problem. Look out for cupping, slitting, and common problems such as water damage. These inspections are best done on dry days when there is no danger of slipping and you can clearly spot small cracks. Regular checks allow you to quickly identify problems. You may not be able to fix all of them at once but you can plan ahead. This allows you to maintain your roof repair budget and prevent many issues from developing to the point where they become really expensive.


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