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After the Storm: 4 Areas of Your Home You Need to Check

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 07 August 2019 11:47

Violent storms can close transportation arteries and do damage to homes that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Although homeowners can’t change the weather, they can institute a strategy to minimize the wind and rain damage that can occurs during these weather events. Here are four areas of your home you should carefully inspect after a storm to safeguard your home investment.

Inspect Your Foundation & Basement

Heavy rainfall can cause leaking through small cracks in foundation walls and flooding of basements. This can then cause damage to furnishings and stored items in the basement. Check to see if you have sustained water damage in your basement, but do not wade through standing water, which could present a number of hazards. Immediately call a contractor who can advise you on restoring your property.

Look Carefully at Windows for Damage          

Violent storms can cause tree limbs to crack and fall, damaging nearby windows. After the winds and rain have passed, take a walk through the inside and around the outside of your home to take note of any glass damage. Clean up any broken glass to prevent hazards and call a glass contractor to board up the windows until they are properly replaced.

Check Your Roofing Materials

A severe storm can cause damage to your roof from pooling water, hail or violent winds. High winds can cause damage to trees, which can fall onto your roof, causing damage. After a severe weather event, take a look at your roof to determine if the materials are still intact. If you notice low areas with water, leaking into the home interior or loss of shingles, call a roofing contractor for repairs or roof replacement.

Damaged Electrical Fixtures

In many cases, heavy rainfall events can cause the intrusion of water into overhead electrical fixtures. This situation can then cause a danger of electrocution, electrical shorts or even a fire. After a storm, do a quick inspection of the lighting both inside and outside your home. If you notice any leaking around a fixture, call an electrician to investigate the problem and provide a safe repair.

Any area of the country can experience violent storms that disrupt activities and cause damage to property. If you have had a severe weather event, fast action can often limit the damage to your home. If you do a thorough inspection of the property, you will be able to quickly call on the professionals to repair the common problems that occur.

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