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Construction Time and Management Tips

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 August 2019 11:27

Many project managers in the construction industry seem to not have sufficient time each day. They always look harassed, stressed, and work long hours without stopping. Also, these people tend to always rush around with their phone glued to their ear. But, there are several managers who appear calm, ordered, and relaxed. Are they just the lucky guys with simple projects? Maybe. But they also have one thing in common: good organization and planning. Keep reading to learn some construction time and management tips to improve your efficiency as a construction manager.

Construction Time and Management Tips 

A few construction time and management tips include planning carefully, delegating efficiently, taking notes and much more. 

1. Plan Carefully

Planning a construction project means that you should choose the best methods, which allow the involved resources to be allocated timely when needed and proper management. This step is important at the beginning, but you should also do it daily. Just take 5 to 10 minutes per day to think and consider what you need to complete today. Also, arrange everything in an optimized order and stick to it to save your time as management.

2. Delegate Effectively

Every construction leader and manager should know how to delegate. It is impossible to do everything yourself as time is limited and some tasks would be left undone. Your employees want to be trusted and learn new knowledge, so make sure to allow them to do some important tasks during the project through proper labour management. At first, delegation might take a little more effort and time, but once the staff and construction workers grasps what they need to do, you will save a lot of time while the project is still progressing. 

3. Take Notes

Multitasking is an indispensable part of the construction industry as you have to deal with many problems at the same time. During walking the site, in between meetings, or while talking with clients on the phone, there will be many questions or tasks showing up that need your attention. A simple way to make sure you can do them later is to take notes. By doing this, you will know which tasks should be prioritized and done timely. After completing, just cross the item to give you a sense of achievement.

4. Keep Your Meetings Brief

Meetings could be helpful, but too many during the day can waste your time, especially when they last long. During each session, make sure to follow the planned agenda and avoid discussing other topics. Poor timekeeping and tardy attendance shouldn’t be tolerated. Be prepared for each meeting with answers and problems needed to be discussed. By keeping your meetings brief, you can save a lot of time and speed up the project.

5. Cut the Chit-Chat

If you are a construction manager, it is often to be interrupted by staff, salespeople, and visitors. In some cases, these people might take your valuable time to discuss something you aren’t interested in or responsible for. Of course, it is good to always be sociable and friendly, but when you want to save time, it is better to tell them politely that you are busy. For further discussions, you can give them your email or telephone number.


To become a successful and efficient project manager, you have to learn how to manage your schedule well. With these simple construction time and management tips, you can avoid wasting your time and efforts on so many meaningless things and distraction at work. Keep in mind that everyone has 24 hours, and who makes use of their time better during the phases of building construction will be the winner.

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