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Tips for Building a Home Backyard Dirt Bike Track for Kids to Play

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 August 2019 23:52

Every kid dreams about building a dirt bike track to play. Soon it becomes the addiction for them before they even realize. However, it is important to act smartly and wisely to be able to build the best dirt bike track at the home backyard where kids can have the best time enjoying and playing.

Here are a few tips mentioned to help you build a home backyard dirt bike track for kids to play.


  • Dirt

Since it is a dirt bike track, you would require a lot of dirt to build it. It is suggested to use clay-based dirt in a significant amount if you want to keep it easy to maintain. Also, clay is a cheap option which most people can afford. Moreover, you can put a signboard near your track or post about it on the social media websites to make your friends or family aware that they can dump their dirt on your marked area. It would help you end up with a lot of dirt which you can use for the base of the track. After that, you can use clay for the top layer to give it a neat and fine look.


  • Design the Track

It is better if you design the track far before you start building it. You can take your Motocross Dirtbike and run it around your backyard to see where and how the track should be built. After selecting the area, you must put ropes around it and run your bike in that area again to be sure whether it is an enough and suitable place for the track or not. If there are any natural jumps in that area, you must put them to good and effective use for your track. Even trees or bushes would work. It would save you from the trouble of digging and dealing with the dirt.

Once you are sure about how you want your dirt bike track to look like, you can draw or sketch the basic plan on a paper which marks everything from trees, hedges, and parking area to the hills, water, entrance, and ending point. Moreover, you should keep the track wide enough to overtake easily. If you plan to carry out different races there, the lane must be wide enough from where the gate starts.


  • Machinery

You would also need the right machinery and equipment to cut out your track in proper shape and cut off the dirt from berms or jumps. It is advised to use excavator which comes in handy when you need to give jumps a final appearance in a perfect way. Also, it would help dig the drainage and a watercourse.


  • Dimension

You should also take care of the dimensions to make sure that your track has a slope. If you end up making it flat, it can result in flooding and poor drainage.

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