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Securing Your Home against Theft

Written by Posted On Saturday, 17 August 2019 05:38

The number of thefts is increasing day by day which makes it difficult to keep homes secured. However, it is still important to try and cut the chances for the criminals by upgrading the security of your home. A simple door or window lock is not going to work today as the thieves or burglars are getting smarter than ever.

Here are a few tips mentioned to help you keep your home secured against theft.


  • Trimming

If there are a lot of trees, bushes, and plants around the entrance and walkway of your home, it is important to get them trimmed properly on time. It is because a lot of thieves get a chance to hide behind long trees and bushes during their attempts to break in. So, you must keep your view clear to be able to reduce the probability of thefts.


  • Curtains

You must invest a few of your dollars in buying curtains to cover your windows. It would help ensure the privacy and protection especially if the windows are in the garage or basement. If you show negligence in doing so, you won’t be able to stop thieves from having an inside view of your home from the road.


  • Sensor Lighting

You can also get sensor lighting installed in your home especially at the entrance or other dark corners of the home. It would help detect the motion of the thieves before they even reach your doors or windows to get inside the home. Although it is a little expensive investment, it would pay you off by keeping your valuable things protected.


  • Neighbors

Neighbors are supposed to be there for each other to be able to spot any stranger lurking around the colony. Even when you are away from your home, you can ask any of the trustworthy neighbors to keep an eye on your home. It would help you detect any suspicious activity and act accordingly to manage the situation effectively.


  • Smart Locks

You can also get smart locks installed in your garage, main door, and colony gate to keep a check on each outside entrance. It won’t only help make your home secured but also the entire colony and neighborhood.


  • Safe

You must also buy a safe which is heavier yet secured. It would help you by keeping your valuables like jewelry, official documents, and cash saved during thefts, fire hazards, and other catastrophic situation. Moreover, you should better keep it at a hidden place where any thief won’t be able to see it easily.


  • Weapons

It is suggested to keep licensed weapons in your home for the self-defense you might need in case of burglary. However, if you want to avoid any serious harm or unintended death by accident, you must invest money in buying any authentic Canada Airsoft which is safer to keep. Also, if you shoot the thief with this to stop him, it would serve the purpose by resulting in bleeding.

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