What You Should Know About Moving To England, Before You Relocate

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Read about the things that you really should know before you relocate to the UK, enabling you to be as prepared as possible for this huge move.

If you are thinking about moving to England, it is important that you understand all of the potential pros and cons. Moves to another country are always fraught with risk, despite the fact that most of them can result in a happier way of life for those willing to take the plunge. The more prepared you are for the challenges associated with living in any new country, the more likely your move is to be a success. Seek professional help from some international house movers and the chance of success will increase substantially. Consider making your move bit by bit to take the pressure off.

To help you with your research, here are some of the things you should know before you move to England:

Everything Is Compacted In

Lots of visitors from other countries are surprised how compacted the UK is. Compared to countries with miles and miles of rural space, the UK is all very close together, with houses side by side, and easy commutes between cities.

There's A Difference Between The North And South

There is a lot of talk between the rivalry between the north and the south of the country but realistically, both ends are very friendly, but very different.

Accents Vary Widely

Accents and dialects for different areas vary widely and can take some getting used to. Although films suggest everybody sounds like the Queen, that really is not the case and it is important to know you will need to get used to the accents you come across even from town to town.

Not All Healthcare Is Free

The NHS is amazing and means healthcare is free to every UK citizen. However, not everything is free. You can get dental work on the NHS which is cheaper than private but not everywhere has an NHS dentist and in Cornwall and Devon there are no NHS dentists currently taking new patients. You also have to pay for eye tests and glasses, unless you have certain benefits in which case you can get financial help or free services.

People Are Friendly But You Have To Make An Effort

In the UK friendliness is everywhere but the British way of being excessively polite means you have to put yourself out there to make friends. You have to start a conversation and offer up your friendliness which is most likely be met well wherever you go. Sometimes the polite UK way can be misunderstood as unfriendly.

There Are Some Cultural Aspects Of The UK That The UK Is Not Proud Of

Currently the UK is not proud of the political situation with Brexit and the prime minister. This takes up a lot of the news at the moment. There is also something called 'binge drinking culture' which is where people go out to clubs at the weekend and drink excessively. This can be a bit of a shock to any newcomer finding themselves out late at night in a city centre for the first time. There is also a lot in the news about immigration and the majority of the UK do not take any issue with anybody moving here, but the few that do unfortunately reach the headlines.

Hopefully you feel a little more acquainted with what to expect from your move to the UK. It makes sense to visit the country a few times to get an idea of the different areas and how they look and feel. Ideally, you could have a six month trial here before using a professional international moving company to move your things here. That way you can know the move is right for you before cutting all ties with your home country.

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